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It's official. Off I go, full force, into Occupy Wall Street. I've crossed over from visitor to participant. And like it or not there's a fire in my gut.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is what I'm hoping to be the beginning of dealing with the negative presence at OWS. Including the people asking for donations just for themselves, especially under the guise that it's for the whole movement. And it's especially bad taste to then heckle those who don't give, shouting, "Don't be that guy! Dude! Don't be that guy! You're being that guy! Dude, come-on!"

That's what the guy in the middle of the vid was doing. The rest is pretty self explanitory.


Wendell's Photoshoot

Video & photos by Normal Bob

One thing's for sure. If Wendell ever decides to comes up to you and say, "Come take pictures of me with the astronauts." grab your stuff, start recording, and follow wherever he says.

That's precisely what happened here, and I think he got a lot of keen shots out of it! This is my favorite.

Inna's Clean

Video by Normal Bob

Inna is so fucking cute! Lotsa people don't get to see that side of her. But I do. And it's be cause I'm so goddamned special. So special people on the internet write love songs to her.

OWS First Aid Tent

Video by Normal Bob

Weeks ago, when I saw a First Aid tent evolving at OWS, I suddenly felt a permanence to the movement.

Then when I saw it grow and grow, and the splendid people operating within, visualizing the police storming in to end it all seemed more and more unlikely.

Now, after interviewing them, I'm also having difficultly visualizing winter storming in to end it all.

The Wikileaks Truck

Video by Normal Bob

The first few weeks of Occupy Wall Street I saw the cheery image of the Wikileaks truck parked off to the side with all the other news vans. It felt kind of like having your tough older brother there looking out for you. Then, after the weekend of Bloomberg's Eviction at Dawn, I saw video on YouTube of it getting towed away. And for several weeks to follow it was no where to be seen.

I promised myself if I ever saw it again I would get its story! This was the first day I'd seen it since, and that cheery feeling came back.

Punker Kid

Photo by Normal Bob

They're getting younger and younger. Keepin' it real at Union Square.

I am however sorry to include in this that after inquiring, his mother stepped up and told us it's just a halloween costume.

That doesn't rule out all hope though! There's still a chance, when he sees how cool it can be.

Tour Of Occupy Wall Street

Video by Normal Bob

I'm hoping people can understand how absolutely bizarre it is to have this campground now located in the center of New York City's financial district. For years leading up, this area was so heavily armed, and barricaded, and uber corporate, it seemed the most impenetrable part of the most impenetrable city in the most impenetrable country in the world.

Then a bunch of campers with tents just moved in and declared it theirs.
It's really incredible. That's all I'm sayin'.

Wendell Runs this Park

Video by Normal Bob

Every year there's a new set of kids who get introduced to Union Square. I'm guessing high school freshmen. And each year they see Wendel for the first time, and with the security of their new high school friends they laugh, tease & fuck with him like he's not been doing this for twenty years to get pants.

Then the next year those same kids come here, hang out, and give Wendell a nod like he's always been their best friend, and they're in on the joke too.

Just watch. In 2012 I'll show you exactly what I'm talking about.

Day Day Ignores Me

Video by Normal Bob

Title says it all.



Video by Normal Bob

Oh, and FYI: This is the guy who's going to burn all of Occupy Wall Street to the ground, because he can get bombs and grenades.

It's not a threat. He promises.

He'll burn the whole place down, and even the guy who volunteers there agrees with him. The volunteer who clearly appreciates the sentiment.

I just thought everyone in earshot should know all this. That's what he thought too.

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