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Although I was very much looking forward to witnessing the Occupy encampment through winter, there are 3 reasons why the tearing down of it only benefited the movement.
1. The park was turning on itself. The Daily Show didn't exaggerate.
2. Back at Zuccotti Park now it's reminiscent of how it was 2 months ago- Friendly, inviting, clean & positive.
3. The movement has become even more invigorated, just as it was a month ago after Bloomberg's failed Eviction at Dawn.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is the events of November 15th, 2011 from about 9am to 7pm after the 1am raid. If you want the full effect watch the videos below first to see just how dramatic the change actually is.


David Peel Hates Wall St.

Video by Normal Bob

By pure coincidence, I posted this vid of the first half of November the night before the raid.

I'd been trying to figure out how I was going to tell the story of what was happening there. Rumors of how the "uptowners" were a bunch of "rich kids living off mommy & daddy, eating lavish meals and sleeping at home," while the downtowners were being ignored, mistreated, and complained about. Class warfare had found its way to the movement and it was getting stupid ugly.

Anyhow, the downtowners needed to be reminded who the enemy was, and everyone else needed refocusing and reinspiration.

This song is a splendid remembrance of what was, and a work in progress for what's to come.

Pretty Boy Jake

Photo by Normal Bob

Now that Union Square is completely shut down due to the Christmas Mall they build there every year at this time, the most dedicated Unionites, like Jake, are forced across the street to Scenester Island.

He makes it look so easy.


Video by Normal Bob

This is retired Philadelphia Police Captain, Raymond Lewis. I spotted him just outside of the November 15th Re-Occupation of the park (post raid) holding up his sign towards those cops you see in the background.

I'll never forget how the image of a guy in a policeman's uniform holding up a sign struck me as completely foreign. How I had trouble taking in. Call me naive, but I couldn't believe my eyes.

He was arrested 2 days later, along with other demonstrators, for peacefully blocking off Wall Street on the two month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (today).

This is the movie he wants you to see: Inside Job.

Fart Smeller Panhandling

Video by Normal Bob

For some strange reason this particular video of the Fart Smeller struck me as different, and somehow funnier than the rest. You see, in this one he seems, for the first time, reluctant to talk.

He's hiding around the corner from where everyone is. He was breaking his own moral standings by asking for money donations. And quite frankly he was just sounding more confused and disheartened than I'd seen him before. Three things that are totally out of character for the Fart Smeller.

I've watched this video probably 8 times in a 24 hour time-span. No Fart Smeller video has ever done that to me before.

Free Hugs Pro Rape

Video by Normal Bob

It's retarded how much I enjoy publicly smearing Free Hugs. I swear I get the same high off it that I get trashing Jesus. And the best thing about it is they seem so eager to give me content for my efforts.

The Free Hugs = Free Bedbugs was nothing compared to the all the anger and threatening behavior they served up last year! Which is nothing compared to their stance on RAPE!

Go figure. I could've never predicted where this movement was headed, but now I know it's exactly everything I hoped it was going to be.

Thank you Virgil for all you do for my Anti-Free Hugs Campaign.

Interview with an Occupier

Video by Normal Bob

My delightful interview with Amber. An occupier of Zuccotti Park before it was raided by riot police at 1 in the morning two days ago.

I hope she's all right!

Ranch Dressing

Video by Normal Bob

Jesus God, I haven't had a reaction like this to anything since "2 girls, one cup" that I had to stop just seconds into the video years ago. In fact, if I even think about this video while I'm on the train, in the shower or wherever my gag reflex starts to rise up. And I know if I don't detract myself quickly I will lose control.

Anyhow, I took this video of it to share my experience with all of you.

Sleepy Signs

Photo by ?

Someone (I forget who) sent me this picture of what's been going on at Union while I've been away.

It seems that despite everything going on on Wall Street it's business as usual for Signs.

If you're the photographer of this picture just let me know and I'll gladly give you credit.

Profiting off Occupy

Video by Normal Bob

Want to hear a funny story? After posting this video I started getting all kinds of emails and comments about being racist, and hateful, and "If you think this joke is funny, just see how funny it is when you get your account terminated!" and "Racial slurs aren't funny. You're better than this Bob. I suggest you delete it!"

Finally I asked one of the emailers "What the hell are you talking about?"
He emailed me back telling me the web address the guy at the table mentions for the New York General Assembly ( isn't a working address for a very good reason.

It took me a minute to figure it out, but when I did I deleted it, revised the displayed link at the bottom, and reuploaded it to YouTube.

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