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Today's FEATURED VIDEO hardly needs an explanation. But I can add that the subject of this video (creepy stranger) went to YouTube and flagged it with a "privacy complaint."
HE had the privacy complaint.
You heard right.
But I don't give 2 fucks about that.
What really matters is the crazy joy I felt when I realized I'd come to a point in my life where punk rock girls run to my rescue.
The tough, 6 foot+ punkrock chick Morgan came to my aid George Bailey style, and not only saved the day, but she saved the fuckin' video too.

Creepy Stranger Leaves

Videos by Normal Bob

I swear I am dumbfounded by the number of people commenting under this video saying, "You're so mean to him! He wanted a truce, and you just bullied him. You're an asshole!"

Did you see how he responded in each video when he was told to leave? Now imagine him with an open invitation to sit right next to you from here on out. I'll tell you what. You be the one who has to be his friend after a truce. You be the person the girl turns to when he says, "Oh, we're cool now. Hi, I'm Lance. We met the other day when you had me thrown out for touching you."

You might as well say goodbye to having any decent friends around ever again.
Hell, you might as well ask me to shit on Morgan's aforementioned rescue while you're at it.

And this is that same Creepy Stranger a few weeks later.
Is it just me or does this guy give off a serious Cockroach vibe?
Miss Grace

Photo by Normal Bob

This girl was run over by a bus last year. She told us she can't even be near buses any more, and somehow she manages that by turning and walking away when she sees one... in New York City.

She looked like she was about 98 pounds soaking wet. She still has a limp and some visible marks, but she definitely held her shit together.

She described how seconds before the bus hit her, just days before her 27th birthday, the thought went through her brain "Shit. I'm not even going make the 27 Club."

Free Massages Eats Out

Video & photo by Normal Bob

Just when you didn't think Fart Smeller could up the ante, he brings his "eating out" campaign to full fruition.

You see, Roman's been walking around this last month or so with a sign that reads, "Free Massages and Eating Out."

Now you can judge for yourself whether or not he's actually accomplishing this by pushing his nose into the muff of a crazy woman in front of people at the park. But we all have to recognize this as an accomplishment.

Btw, that's Shaggy throwing the coffee to keep them far away from him.

OCD needs Good Lovin'

Video by Normal Bob

OCD had concerns with how he was being depicted on the site, so he had a talk with the doctor to see what could be done about that.
Free Rubs/New York Times

Video by Normal Bob

My buddy Corey from the New York Times (the same guy who did the article on me) told me if I ever have a story for him worth writing about, let him know. I have, of course, always thought that a sufficient article about the NYC Free Hugs Movement is long overdue.

No one else from the movement was on hand that day, but Corey's really good. I know he'll to write a charming and informative spread based solely on the interview with Free Rubs.

Another Naked Rat

Video by Normal Bob

A moment in time at the Square, featuring Huggies, Morgan, Itchy Balls, Frank, Shaggy and me.

I have to add that this is the first time I've been really happy with what Huggies was doing at the park. I hope it continues. But if it doesn't, at least we have the memories.

Sharpie Sniffer

Video by Normal Bob

Old school marker sniffing at the park. Just 50¢.
Reverse Nod

Photo by Normal Bob

This guy came over to me with lettuce and salad dressing stuck all around his mouth asking me if he could play me a song.

I said no thank you, then told him about the food on his face and that if he wanted any takers he'd best do something about it. So he put his hand to his mouth and smeared it even more around his face then went right back to his guitar playing pitch.
I interrupted him again saying "You missed some," pointing to where he still had salad on his cheek and chin.

The second attempt from him to remove it also failed, so I suggested he go to Wholefoods across the street I take care of it before he tries to sell any more of his live show. I explained to him how much that little thing could effect him making any money today.

To that he thanked me and walked over to the far end of the plaza, assumed this position, and stood there like that for about 15 minutes.
I call it a Reverse Nod.

Shaggy with the Fans

Photo by Normal Bob

Today was Fan Day at the park, where the fans showed up to give some love. Shaggy insisted they get their photo taken with a couple celebrities of Amazing Strangers!

We love the fans when they're dudes who wanna shake our hands! Just don't come back at us with a shank, or you won't get a postcard.

[Fan's death threat after photoshoot]

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