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The new postcards are in, and people are flippin'! See what Flips & friends are shouting about.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is 9 minutes of 9 Strangers at Union Square South. The Six Foot Seven Inch Jew, OCD, Pretty Boy Jake, Sammy & Signs just to name a few. Union Park Rats interacting with each other on a mass scale like this are probably my most favorite videos of all!


Tits Gets Nixed

Videos by Normal Bob

There's a guy at the park making messes, and his name is Tits. Everybody seems to want him as far away from them as possible, yet Tits wants to be right up close and personal.

Photo by Scott

As you'll soon discover, Tits loves money. 7 cents, 12 cents, 50 cents. You start talking about anything and Tits will find a reason to tell you how much money he's got. And if you think you've got some of that money, he's got even more. So much more that he's got the biggest room in Manhattan to sleep in!

Ladies and gentlemen, Tits!

Anyhow, Shaggy tried to get some answers out of Tits, but similar to how Signs has to be dealt with every Spring, the same seems to be true for Tits.

Inna Okay

Photo by Normal Bob of Day Day's photo

Everyone's been asking, "Where's Inna?"
Well, rumor has it that she, the Queen of the Scene, after almost a year in LA, has returned to the Big Apple.

This is a photo Day Day took as evidence that she's A-okay.

She has yet to come say hi to the Square, but just having her back in the city is A-okay with me.

Body Dump

Photo by Normal Bob

No joke. Occupy Union has pretty much become the neighborhood body dump. It's not so bad yet that you can't get around or step over the pile of torsos and limbs. I've been told however that if the rotten ones at the bottom start attracting rats the city will issue OWS Industrial Corp & Assoc. a citation.

Dusty has something to Say

Video by Normal Bob

When Dusty's got something to say, I listen, because Dusty can channel Satan. And what Satan has to say is...
Morgan's New Dog

Video by Normal Bob

Morgan's got a new dog, Shameless, and as it turns out Shameless is just the distraction Morgan needs.

Hopefully she's feeding the new pup a healthy food like Blue Buffalo. Feeding a healthy nutritious food to your dog will help insure a long healthy life. Blue Buffalo consists of only natural ingredients.

Russian Drunk

Video by Normal Bob

No one can clear out the park like the Russian Drunk.

I've gotten many requests over the last several years to post this guy on the site. It was only last week I got courage enough to get within smelling distance of him to do so.

You better say it was worth it.

Preppy Peeper

Photo by Scott & video by Shaggy

You may think that after the Preppy Peeper's appearance on Inside Edition last year that he's stopped hanging around the park. Not so. He's just spending less time at the steps and more time in the garden.

Speaking of Peepers, the Cigar Peepers (who now seems to have taken a liking to chewy sticks) made it to the Postcard this year! But he's no half as excited about it as Shaggy.


Video by Normal Bob

For years the people of Union have gotten a postcard and exclaim, "Where's Delicious?!? He's here more than anybody!"

I always respond, "Precious hasn't ever done anything retarded at the park that I could film and profit off of, so the fucker can't be on the card, god dammit!"

Well as it turns out, this year Precious crossed the 5 year mark that a Park Rat's gotta cross to get on the card just for being an un-annoying regular.

86 Tits the Snitch

Video by Normal Bob

Tits seems to be making quite an impression on everybody. This guy was super fucking pissed at Tits for snitching on him for smokin weed at Zuccotti Park in 2011. Tits not only admitted to it, but is proud about it.

I'm thinking if Tits isn't just a little more careful, the parks going to make an impression on him, in the region of his forehead.

Examine his "unique" fighting style. It's almost hypnotizing, and from what I can tell, effective!

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