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Today's FEATURED VIDEO stars Howie Mandel who showed up to the park asking for Fart Smeller. But the Fart Smeller was no where to be found.
I'm paraphrasing a bit, but there's a lesson to be learned here either way. – Never leave the fucking park.

Here's Fart Smeller's reaction the next day. It's quite satisfying.


Signs bullying Sammy

Video by Normal Bob

It's no surprise, Signs is back at it again. This time his victim is poor, helpless Sammy.

I wish I could say I know that someone will come along before the end of 2012 to get him back in check, like Lee did last year, & Heart Stopper did the year before that. But no one seems to be stepping up to the plate.

But I think if Signs sticks to his guns and picking on only the runtiest of the runts, he should get through 2012 without a scratch. This means we can look forward to an EXTREMELY overconfident Signs in 2013!

Are you excited?!?!

Occupy's Angel

Photo & video by Normal Bob

I don't care which group they're with. If you're one of the junkies, scenesters, gravers, or even part of Occupy Union Square, if you're a girl you;ve got everything it takes to be a star at the park! And Angel here has already been experiencing the celebrity of just that.

She's been hanging around since the beginning of the year, so I'm thinking we're going to be seeing a lot more of Occupy's Angel.
Wendell & the Ladies

Video by Normal Bob

Don't let Wendell fool you. He's got ladies, and he's not sleeping alone!

Tits on the Postcard

Video by Normal Bob

Usually, in most cases, the people who've seen themselves on the postcard are happily surprised. Most the time, delighted! But Tits on the other hand, gave me the stone-coldest reaction I've ever gotten.

I saw him the next day and he called me a jerk.

The lesson I learned here is, just because someone might psychotically scream out threats to burn down the tents of everybody at Zuccotti, or proclaim he'll kill you the next time he's gettin' his drink on, that doesn't mean that inside he's not a tender-hearted tulip with feelings.

Just for the record, there's been no sign of Tits at the park since he called me a jerk for drawing him like I did. I should get a gold star for that.

Or perhaps it was the Crip.

Quest for Fire

Photo by Normal Bob

There's a newbie at the park who's found a home. He's been dancing, singing and skipping around the park like a Burning Man mascot.

Anyhow, I've been referring to him as "Quest for Fire," and every single time I do, some person responds, "wha?"

No one here understands how brilliant the reference is, because I'm the only one here from 1981.

More Quest for Fire to come.

Conversation with God

Video by Normal Bob

The other day I had a conversation with God, and we talked about beards.

Have you seen my beard yet? You can have a good look at it in this interview done by that kid who climbed Washington dressed as Superman.

Video by Maksim Katsnelson


Photos by Normal Bob

A couple days ago, right when the battery was running out on my camera, Dusty put on a show. As a result I had to stick with photos (no video) to capture the moments. However I think it turned out some fun images that any true Dusty fan can appreciate.

Shaggy banishes OWS Blogger

Video by Normal Bob

If you ever decide you're going to banish someone from somewhere there's no better way to do it than with your mouth full of food.

Especially cake.

Barbarian NOT dead!

Photo & video by Normal Bob

I was told that Junky the Barbarian (#14J on the postcard) died. Heart failure was the cause, and every junky I run into has a different story to tell me about how much dope and steroids they'd seen Tarzan take, but today (Aug 6, 2012) I saw him and took the above pic. Repeat – Junky the Barbarian is NOT dead!

Shaggy comments...

Subject: Quest for Fire

Hey Bob--

I've been a follower for a while--I like your arguments against theism, they're as good as any I've heard.

When I look at your site it makes me think of a comment Faulkner (I think) made, when somebody asked him why he lived out in the boondocks. He said in any small town there was enough tragedy and comedy to cover the full range of human experience, or something along those lines. True and then some for Union Square too.

I'm sending you a note because I recognize your Quest for Fire--he's been living in Ithaca for the past couple of years. Pretty certain it's him. He sings, he dances, he romps around all over town, he dresses colorfully, weirdly, scantily even when it's cold. Never saw him speak to anybody, although I've seen him a hundred times. How did he get here, or there?

No need to reply--it was a surprise to see someone I knew!

Subject: Quest for Fire
Dec 19th, 2012

While dropping off an amp for a friend's television performance the other day I had the pleasure of meeting Rea Dawn Chong.  I shared with her your lament on your site at no one getting your Quest For Fire reference.  She was surprisingly pleased about that? 

Am I missing something?  If I was butt nekkid on celluloid looking as fine as Rea Dawn did should the proper response not be concern, frustration, disappointment, SOMETHING that the younger generation is failing to see the movie that features my fine self?  I couldn't ask her what I was failing to understand, obviously, she's a girl.

Thanks for the reminders of the city that I love and miss, Bob,

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