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Between Free Rubs, Huggies & Village Idiot, it's been a very "simple" week.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is the saga of Free Rubs and his battle within. Having Fart Smeller's endorsement, followed by Shaggy's heckling, Rubs plummits into a downward spiral, leading him to set his whole mission ablaze!

But never fear. The next day he cleared up a gargantuan misunderstanding and he's back, better than ever, Free Hugging with a PAPER sign from here on out.

Village Idiot Vandal

Video by Normal Bob

Last week the Village Idiot's show got torn to shreds. His shit was flying in all directions, and afterwards the vandal offered him a smoke, along with a few choice words. I found out later the guy wasn't so much apologizing, as he was informing the Village Idiot he was a member of the Crips and if he showed up at the park again in a speedo he'd kill him.

Village Idiot, take the Fart Smeller's advice: "Don't be a coward. Own it up. This park is for people that are real, man. No phony-baloney."
What Fart Smeller means is, either you're the Village Idiot or you're not. You don't scream and beg, "STOP! No, please stop! Please! I love you!!!" while scrambling to put your pants on.

A Village Idiot doesn't give a flying fuck when his garbage is thrown. Fact is, a Village Idiot should be able to throw his garbage higher, farther, and with more reckless abandon than any would-be vandal. I mean, isn't the one glaring benefit of having a show of trash that the joke's on anyone who would come in and treat it like trash?

Village Idiot, I've seen hundreds come and leave before you. Either handle your hecklers or you're done. Rules of the park.

Angel attacks Baptists

Video & photos by Normal Bob

Angel put on one of the most energetic shows I've seen in quite some time, and she prescribed the only medicine that works on a group of fundies. Fight insanity with hysterics!

I am all over this "GO TO YOUR HAITES NOW!" stance. It's fucking hot as shit. Angel couldn't get more real.

Take it from me, nothing scares a Christian street preacher more than looking like you're about to literally plunge into their soul right through their chest.

Don't believe me? Watch the video to the end.

Inna back from LA

Video by Normal Bob

Everyone on YouTube Comments is so quick to say shit like "Dusty's gonna be dead before Christmas" or "Inna's done. I'm going to miss her" without knowing what the fuck they're talking about or how the park actually works.

I've seen Inna come back again & again cuter than ever just a couple weeks after seeing her wigless and strung out on crystal meth.

If you're in the game of predicting the end of a park rat, you're going to lose almost every time.

Green Graver Girl's Mom

Video by Normal Bob

Isn't it nice to step away from the grease and grime of the park for a couple minutes and actually see nice people being nice to each other?

I know you can't build an entire site around the concept, but in small doses like this it's delightful.

Shaggy Smoking Rule #2

Video by Normal Bob

You might remember Shaggy's Smoking Tip #12. Well, here's #2 on the list, and it can seriously save you a pack of of cigarettes a day if you follow it.

Video by Normal Bob

Some people complain and hate on Huggies, but he's telling it like it is, admitting he's an attention whore just like everybody else at the park. Plus he's not asking you for a dollar every fucking minute.

Dinner Table

Video by Normal Bob

I see this happen at least once a day, so I thought I should share it with you.
Omar's Swastika

Video by Normal Bob

Lately I've been dealing with these annoying park rats who run up to me asking me to film them, put them on the site, and they can't wait until they're on the postcard. Then a few days later they're bitching and moaning about their video and what I said about them underneath it, then whining about suing me for slander.

Not Omar though. He gets the fucking swastika tattooed on his hand, shows everybody, including youtube, then he doesn't complain about it.

That's how you separate the people you want to hang with from the rest of the rat's nest. They're not ashamed of who they are and what people think about it. Everybody else is someone I don't want hanging around.

Imitating Fans

Video by Normal Bob

Finally, me imitating the fans we've been getting approached by as of late.

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