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I told you! I told you all Inna would come home, and she'd make the nay-sayers eat their words! And even though the party sounds as if it'll be short-lived, Inna has returned briefly to update Union.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is Inna exposing herself (and others), confessing shocking tales, and pretty much emptying the park one yuppy at a time.

At the end of the vid, it's a little hard to follow at first, but Inna plays hero, driving away an annoying girl who'd ragged on me the day before, then came back for more free stuff.

Like I've always said, "Inna can make dreams come true."


The Village Idiot's Bully

Video by Normal Bob

The Village Idiot's bully, the guy who beat up Tits, the Crip who's apparently part of (first I'd heard of it) The Fountain Gang at the west edge of Union Square, has made it to Gothamist.

This, as Tyrone the Crip is soon going to find out, is the best way to blow up your spot, and pretty much drag a whole new kind of law enforcement to the park, which ironically is the biggest favor he could have done for the Village Idiot, and Tits.

People have been commenting under this video, "Watch out Bob! He might be coming for you next!" But fact is, he did it to himself.

Wreaking havoc like this may have gone unattended in "other places," but in the center of Manhattan where gargantuan sums of money are being spent on rent by jumbo banks, his party's just about over. Let him have no doubt, he could have ignored the Idiot, Tits, and everybody else he fucked with, but no. He had to show everybody he was king of the park.

On a lighter note, I thought one very amusing mention in the Gothamist article is Tits claiming to be part of Occupy Wall Street. I wonder if his membership card will be revolked when they found out he was the same guy who threatened to burn the whole thing down back in the Zuccotti days?

Yeah. Same guy.

Inna Modeling

Video & photo by Normal Bob

Earlier this week Inna came to the park for a photoshoot, complete with a bag full of costume changes.

The photos are gorgeous, but the "I don't give a fuck" changes in the middle of the park were priceless.

I did the best I could to shoot video, along with photos so you could somehow get the full effect of what it's like to hang out with Inna on any given day.

Sketch Girl Nat

Photos by Normal Bob

Sketch Girl Nat is one of the few sane-ish girls at the park. Her style is completely unique and virtually impossible for me to define, which is a feat in itself!

I'd really like to think she's got wits enough to stick it out here so I can have the fun of drawing her for the next postcard. But like most girls at the park, balancing out "being nice" with a functional "creep defense system" isn't easy.

Only time will tell, but until then, if it doesn't either eat her alive, or crush her spirit, she should be just fine!

Word of advice: Stay away from Maddy Icce, Nat! He's a soul sucker, and his whining & lies are the opposite of seductive.

Fights & Fans

Video by Normal Bob

This past month, with police presence down, and the temperature up, the park rats have chosen beat the heat by beating each other.

This battle started with a cockblocker and a poke in the eye, then followed up with a surprise walk-on by my biggest fan who hates my site the most, Matty Ice.


Photo by Normal Bob

Labor Day weekend is Tourist Weekend in New York City! That's when all the Griswold kids put on the same caps, shirts, shorts & sneakers as their parents, stash their riches in the fanny-pack on mom, and stride through our streets with wincing grimaces at all they encounter.

The faces of Griswolds never censor, so they can tell you everything you need to know about what they think of you and this city.

"Ew, sticky! Gross."

"Sun too bright! Need more sun visors."

"Shopping bags – good.
Homeless man – bad. "

Omar the Druid

Video by Normal Bob

You people asked for more Omar, so on one enchanted evening, under a spying moon I caught up with him to find out more.

Wendell Sleeps

Photo by Normal Bob

This is the first time I've ever seen Wendell sleep. Or even rest for that matter!

He cannot figure out why people call him "The Garbageman."

Greatest Dad Ever!

Video by Normal Bob

This video is a dedication to the greatest dad EVER! Signs, the child-protecting bum.
Wendell Preparing Tacos

Video by Normal Bob

One time, when asked about a cup of disgusting looking slime he was holding, Wendell said to me "What you eat, I drink."

Anyhow, this is apparently what Wendell has to go through for tacos.

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