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Union Square has long been known as a place where dudes can come to pick up on girls relentlessly, shamelessly, and without any sign of dignity. So much so that it's become a hot spot of guys chasing away girls. There's no method of pick-up that goes untried here! Win or lose, the goal is to either score or send them packing.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO, Trips hopes to change all that by explaining how these hoards of dudes are supposed to be doing it.

Not only does he confront one of the park's most notorious Romeos, but he also shows us his skills of attraction, and rejection!


Crip & Kyle

Video by Normal Bob

Leave it to Shaggy and a fan from Ohio, Kyle, to get an interview out of the Crip. The folks over at Gothamist even told me they were in the midst of rounding up a crew to confront Crip, until they saw this.

Since this interview, however, Crip has been almost entirely out of the picture. I've only seen him once since then, and rumors have been going around that he's been taken away by the cops a couple of times.

Let this be a lesson to all those whose dream it is to become King-God over the Rats of Union Square. There can be NO king of park rats, because even a king of park rats is still just another rat.

Sketch Girl Natzi

Photo by Normal Bob

So far, as the records show, I've been completely unable to organize even the slightest bit of a formidable Union Square girl-gang. I will say however that Sketch Girl Nat may have stumbled upon the perfect theme for that gang if it ever works out.

Vladimir the Pick-up Artist

Video by Normal Bob

This is an interview with Vladimir the pick up artist just before he nixed the tee shirt with a tie concept.

It is also regrettably the interview immediately after his dirty sneakers with a suit & tie over tee shirt combo.

One day sooner and I could've shown you that.

One. Day. Sooner.

Salad Tossed

Video by Normal Bob

It turns out in Germany the term, "Salad Tossing" or "Getting a tossed salad" only has one meaning. So, Karolin here told me she thought he was simply offering free cabbage, veggies, and perhaps some oil & vinegar all mixed up with lots of care to people who wanted some.

Unwilling to tell her the definition (because I'd only just met her 6 minutes earlier), I suggested she look it up herself.

Now she knows.

Quest for Fire

Photo by Normal Bob

I'm aware that Quest For Fire knows I've got him on the grid.

Though it may look as if there's but a primitive brain ticking away in a skull born a quarter of a million years to late, he always catches my camera trying to sneak a picture. So when the ONE-A-DAY Multivitamins booth came blasting Sheryl Crow, and Quest For Fire started go go dancing for them, I was more determined than ever before to film it.

The couple of times I stood in front of him to shoot this he, very divashly stopped and waved me off. So I found myself lurking off to the side of the show just to get a glimpse.

One of the more amazing things that I was unable to capture on film was him lip-syncing the words to her songs! It was incredible.

Wendell's Hat

Photos by Normal Bob

The other day Shaggy rolled up to the park, sat down, saw this girl sitting off to the right and moaned "Oh my god!"
He was dumbstruck in love. Some say love at first sight isn't real, but with Shaggy, sometimes it can be all too real.

Anyhow I pulled up this picture I'd taken 10 minutes earlier for him to see, and I snuffed out that flicker of attraction almost instantaneously.

People, note to selves:
Wearing Wendell's hat will always and forever be a minus nine.

Creepy Guy's Creepy Girl

Video by Normal Bob

You'd think the last person to ever be able find love would be Fart Smeller. Think again!

This is the woman who let him eat her out at the park a couple months ago, so the opportunity to interview her could not be missed.

Free Humps by ...?

Video & photo by Normal Bob

Did I ever share the story of how one time I heard Free Rubs behind me trying to get some girls to hug him, but they steadily refused. Then a minute later I heard him say to them, "I'm an amazing stranger! I'm on a postcard."

True story.

Anyhow, last week Sid came up an said, I've got something for ya, which is what this video's about.

The next day, Free Rubs had a stinging rebuttal for Sid which he carried around the park for awhile before taping it to a light pole.

I'm sorry Sid, but Free Rubs knows as well as you and I, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Letter from God

Photos by Normal Bob

What do you do if God himself comes up to you and hands you a folded letter, then skips away? You post it on your website.

I'm not exactly sure what he's trying to tell me, but I think it has something to do with calling me abnormal.


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