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I'm seeing a lot of complaints in the comments under certain videos about how much they suck now, and have lost their pizazz.
To all you newbies, summer is dying here on the East Coast and with it goes the drama.
It's called "weather," and here the public parks are dictated by it.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO however scrapes out some drama. One of my favorite comments on YouTube under this one is, "That's? why I like you, Bob. There's too many people will ignore doing the right thing in favor of not getting involved. You don't."
THAT made me laugh out loud.

Yeah. The Asain tourists stole a junky's backpack? I'm on it!


Is Idiot a Genius?

Photos by Normal Bob

In this video Shaggy deals with a question we hear way too often at the Square. To us the answer is obvious and on full display. But to a dopey 20 year old litterbug riding a broken skateboard, the inner-debate will last the ages.


Photos by Normal Bob

Let it be known that Batface last year had no bats on his face, and he looked like one lonely fuck hanging out by himself at Saint Marks on the steps of Search & Destroy. Then at the beginning of this year he got the bat on his forehead, and suddenly there'd be a girl sitting by his side there.

Now he's gone bats all over his face and every time I see him we with a chick, and I hear people saying shit like they see him with "this really pretty goth girl who is his wife I think (someone told me that not sure if it's true)."

They say you can't polish a turd.
But you can pour paint over it, fit it with a pair of eyeglasses and apparently that gives it a social life.

The Confessing Peeper

Video by Normal Bob

For the first time ever a peeper goes through the trouble of explaining at length the excuse(s) he has for sneeking pictures of girls (or other) at the park.

So, it goes like this; he's a professional photographer (taking pictures with his phone), but this he does to get people while they're being real, in other words, he's fascinated by people, in other words, it doesn't matter one way or the other, and in the end he doesn't do anything with pictures.

Then check his watch, pretend he's got somewhere else to be and ""Hava good day man."

Got it?

Quest for Dance

Video by Normal Bob

Some of you people seem to hate Quest for Fire, and don't understand why the fuck I'd devote 4 minutes to him dancing. On the other hand, others of you (mostly female) not only love him, but know him!

Since the last video I posted I've learned that he came from Ithaca New York, and his name is Jessiah.

What's difficult to convey through the videos is, like Quarter Guy (and only Quarter Guy), Quest for Fire does not socialize with anyone. Ever. Neither of them can ever been seen hanging out with people other than the ones in their brains.

A couple times, as he was walking by I said, "Hey Jessiah."
It immediately got his shocked attention, then a mumble, followed by eyes rolling into the back of his head & whispering into open space. For me this is like making contact with The Land Before Time.

Rolling Desk Chair

Photo by Normal Bob

There's nothing like an old wheelchair, shopping cart, or a rolling desk chair discarded at the park to provide hours of fun for everyone!

Do it until either it breaks or you do! That's the motto at Union.


Video by Normal Bob

Many of you might remember Zippy from years ago when he was just an innocent brat sneaking around behind his parents' backs, curing up a storm, smoking weed and being adorable while he does it.

I'm not sure how much has changed. He's definitely not so innocent any more, and some of the cuteness has gotten grown out, which leaves... well you can do the math on that yourself. But I thought I should get everyone caught up on Zippy now.


Video by Normal Bob

Never, and I mean Ever, is there notable music being played at Union Square. You say it just good. Well for this park, it's GREAT.

Morgan Stabbed

Video by Normal Bob

Morgan hasn't been around too much lately. I think she's having second thoughts about being "Youtube famous."

The few visits I get from her are brief. Just enough for a quick update, and some paranoid glances into the lens the instant it's pointed at her.

This month you can see she got stabbed in her Fear & Loathing tattoo several times, and I think her dog's still alive.

Wendell Not Playing Nice

Videos by Normal Bob

I think that as the year comes to a close and the hints of Autumn start to poke us in the ass, park regulars like Wendell start to get touchy.

Here are two different instances with Wendell taking out his aggression on tourists taking pictures.

This is my favorite version of Wendell.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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