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Hurricane Sandy hit, and she hit HARD! This morning I walked across the bridge to Manhattan through the East Viallge and over to Union Square. I ran into Spidey and he had no problem providing narration for today's FEATURED VIDEO.

I didn't run into any flooding, and really not that much carnage. The electricity is out, which means Wifi is limited, and the most amusing thing about all this is watching New Yorker's in a panic because they can't get on Facebook!



The One

Video by Normal Bob

Some have called him a piece of number two, but according to Roman the Fart Smeller, those folks are off by a whole one.

"THE One" is his new big idea, and he's here to proclaim what he knows about it, so far.


Photo by Normal Bob

These two Jersey-girl caricatures were in a real hurry to get through the park. I was only able to get one question out before they hightailed it into the city – "Are you related?"

Answer – Yes.
And from what I could gather I'm saying this is mother/daughter.
How else could it happen?

Spidey & the Gang

Video & photo by Normal Bob

Shaggy's got a new friend, and today Spidey and the whole gang are stirring up trouble, talkin' shit, and filling our heads with stories direct from Methadone Alley.

Shaggy fucking loves Spidey, and Spidey has already seen this video and he wants to do more. So much so that he promised us an exclusive shoot of him shoplifting bags of coffee beans from Startbucks, which apparently fetch a high price on the junky market.

The Gang

From left to right – Methadone, Shaggy, Spidey & Knucklehead.

Flips' Hecklers

Video by Normal Bob

Flips has to deal with a lot of interruptions and show-stealers on a regular basis. On this day there was a junky who just wouldn't give up!

Here's a couple ways Flips handles his hecklers.

Counterfeit Purse Racket

Photo by Normal Bob

The other day we went down to Canal & B-way to chat it up with the counterfeit purse racketeers. We stayed until they couldn't stand even a minute more of our company.

Lots of good, innocent fun!

Dollar Claps

Video & photo by Normal Bob

I'm sitting at the park having to deal with these two guys singing their songs of white-boy woes, praying that some Park Rat will do the voodoo they do so well.

Enter, this guy.

Just moments before the clapping incident I took this picture, and I knew I'd found what I was looking for. All I had to do was wait.

Despite what you might think, Park Rats do serve a valuable purpose at the park.

Pray for Business

Video by Normal Bob

This is what Shaggy does –
A Christian dude bothers him while he's trying to skate, so sends him over to me to deal with.

This time however I'm happy to do so, because I just got the guy to pray for sales of my Jesus magnets! ...before he heads off to feed starving children and help poor people.

Quest for Fire Napping

Photo by Normal Bob

I just thought this was just too cute.

Bathtub Smasher

Video by Normal Bob

If after all of this you're thinking to yourself, "Jesus Christ! Bob is an asshole!" you can take great pleasure in knowing this happened outside my window after a late Friday night.

It went on until the whole bathtub was a pile of bathtub.

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