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Okay people. Don't get your hopes up quite yet. It's still winter. It even snowed today, and it's like, 30 right now. So what you're getting here is the last couple months of events scattered between Union & Astor Starbucks, which happens to be the perfect segue into today's FEATURED VIDEO.

At the end of each year, Shaggy and I, seeking refuge at Starbucks, do a Union Square Year In Review. This year was the craziest yet. Some of it you'll have trouble believing... right up until you see the footage ...while peeking through your hands.

Prepare yourself, because as the rest of this page will show, 2013 is probably going to be another stellar, memorable year.


Quarter Guy

Videos by Normal Bob

As you may or may not know, winter is the time when Shaggy & I reconnect with Quarter Guy.

This year he's sporting rollerblades & helmet with headphones all strapped around his head with packing tape. And yes, he's not really rolling. More like walking around on rollerblades, in the slush, ice and snow.

Shaggy had mad respect for Quarter Guy's new aggressive approach, shouting "Anybody gotta Quarter!?!" immediately upon entry into Starbucks.

My theory however is, he's not so much being super aggressive, but instead, that's just how loud you have to be for people to hear you when music's blasting through your headphones.

Love the Quarter Guy.

Union Kids

Photo by Normal Bob

I saw these kids and told them I had to get a photo of them with their boards. They were both happy to pose, but each of them posed with their boards turned around to the wheel side.

I had to tell them "No no, you gotta turn your boards around. That's the best part!"

I think the picture tells the rest.
I thought it was hilarious.

Joey Boots throws Hat

Video by Normal Bob

Joey Boot was at it again in the park harassing old people and throwing their hats into the street.

That's the short version. Watch the video for the full exchange.

Spidey Shoplifts Starbucks

Video & photo by Shaggy

I wanna say, one of the friendliest, most entertaining junkies I've ever met is Spidey. It seems like all the other junkies love him, and he's got all the juicey stories of everyone we know. He is also giving.

This Thanksgiving Spidey gave Shaggy and I two presents. The first present was letting us film him shoplift coffee beans from Starbucks.
The second was a bag of coffeebeans.

I'm not 100% sure why he did this when I asked him to pose for a picture, but what I think he's trying to say is – Happy Thanksgiving!
You Go Hell

Photo & Video by Normal Bob

I was walking by this guy, and while everyone else was thinking he's not for real, I could see it in his eyes.

"You go Hell" was his holiday message for all the happy shoppers in NYC. And I have to say, I can relate.

Wath the video for his full message.

Shaggy's Complaints

Video by Normal Bob

You think just because you're in NYC New Years Eve it's got to probably be the greatest day in the world?

Well, think again. Shaggy and I were at Astor Place Starbucks that evening and here's exactly how wonderful it was.

Wendell & Sid

Video by Normal Bob

A couple days ago (2/14) we had a 50 degree day and everyone showed up. Wendel had a new outfit, and Sid ditched the skateboard and was on a scooter!

Shaggy said he's gonna have a talk with him about that.

Itchy Balls "Clean"

Video by Shaggy

See now, Shaggy was sure Itchy was high up until we started talking to him. However, all the commenters under the video are unanimous that he's high as hell!

After looking at the video a third and forth time, I'm siding with the viewers. Itchy Balls isn't clean, as they usually aren't.

Chewy "Clean"

Video by Normal Bob

In case you haven't seen the pattern yet, winter is when all the junkies "clean up" to start life a new, and spring is the time to start the habit again. Full on! Twice as much as the year before.

It's like the tides, but more predictable.

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