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Consider this a warning: Girls who don’t want to hug Free Rubs are liable to get on his bad side. Just a few days ago he was arrested for throwing a can of soda at a woman’s face for refusing him. One time I was with a girl who denied his hug, so he walked over to the garbage can, got cup, filled it with water and came marching back to hurl it in her face. Luckily I knew what he was going to do (he’d done this before) and was able to thwart his attack.
Listen - Rubs doesn’t comprehend what he’s doing. It’s all gut reaction, reacting to what he thinks is disrespect. After my cup-o-water incident with him he thought the reason I stopped him was because I didn’t want to get splashed with the water that would’ve bounced off her face.

Anyhow, today's FEATURED VIDEO was shot a day before the above arrest. And no, you’re not misreading that look in his eyes. If the girl doesn’t want to hug him she’d better be a Germaphobe, or Free Rubs is gonna get angry. And you don’t want an angry Rubs!

Calming the Christian

Video by Normal Bob

It’s begun. Union Square 2013 has arrived, and it’s a phenomenon as predictable as the tides - Everybody goes nuts in Spring!

Sometimes they go nuts against their own will, and they don’t even know why! But Shaggy and I do. And this time, with a little bit of our calming presence, this particular “screaming banshie” found himself to be open to some of our constructive criticism.


Video by Normal Bob

No one knows how to ham it up for the camera like Spidey! True old-school New York style that has to be recognized. Watch and learn.

Hat in the Cat

Video by Normal Bob

The Hat in the Cat always comes back.

I know from visiting his Facebook wall that this winter he's been stressing life. The whole Christian thing has his brain tied up in knots, combined with an anger-management issue he can't keep under his hat, plus this act of his that he just can't let go.

This always happens, where in the beginning I hate them, then a couple years go by and I love 'em more than I thought possible! The guy just wants to be like a kid, and everyone else to be like a kid. No more inhibitions. No more holding back anything. If it's stupid, go ahead and shout it in people's faces! Whatever you want.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Hat in the Cat "entertain" more tourists this year by sending them on their merry way.

Jesus, I hope this doesn't happen with me and the Village Idiot.

Signs & Wendell

Video by Normal Bob

I live for these father/son moments between Shaggy and Signs. The love these two have for each other can't be measured in pennies. It can only be measured in nickles!

Here, Signs had a message to deliver from Shaggy's ex-girlfriend, but turns into tender family reunion romp in the park.

This one's from about a month earlier when Signs' knee wasn't doing so good, but his son was there for him to confide.

Shaggy Hassling Roman

Video by Normal Bob

Today Roman was at the park claiming to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and revisiting his Lower The Age Of Consent rant. A rant that got him thrown out of the park a couple years ago. So when Shaggy arrived all full of Springtime’s sunlight, he set to bustin’ his balls about his hair, sexual desires, and his future in this world.
I posted this only on Vimeo because as Shaggy & I both know, the You Tube “community” gets really sensitive about Roman’s escapades.
Also worth the note, check out the reactions of the models who were sitting next to Shaggy.
Turd's Rough Day

Video by Normal Bob

Turd's rough days are rougher than most, but at least they're something he can call his.

No one around is quite sure how to handle the situation when a junkies nodding out in the middle of the park. Some stop and stare, while others simply pay no notice and step over him. One of his junky friends even walked right by him without even a glance of recognition. You see, lots of times other junkies get pissed when they see a nodder because that means he found some good stuff, and isn't sharing.

That blonde girl behind Turd for some reason offered him a bottle of water while he was face to the pavement. Of course, after some prodding he took it, slowly opened it up, then went right back into his nod, and unwittingly pouring the whole thing down the drain

Shoe in the Mouth Dance

Video by Normal Bob

This dance with putting the sneakers in their mouths, and their socks on the ground, then the shoe back on their foot and then in their mouth again is getting more and more popular. I see it being done at Union, on the trains, and at the subway platforms. There's one kid at Union we call Sneaker Teeth because his teeth are so fucked up from doing this.

Don't get me wrong, Sneaker Teeth is a genius when it comes to catching his dirty sneaker with his tongue then twirling it around in his teeth, but daaaammmn. Don't they have girls who aren't kissing them anymore to learn from?

Casper as Ozzy

Photo by Normal Bob

I guarantee you that Casper has gotten the Ozzy comparison for his new look, and this look isn't going to be leaving us any time soon.

Casper keeping the Graver dream alive.

Spooky Teeth

Video by Normal Bob

This is the same kid who back at the tail end of OWS I filmed drinking Ranch Dressing straight from the bottle while I gagged.

Here Spooky will allow you to take that knowledge, then try and convince you he takes care of what he eats, and his outstanding mouth hygiene habits.

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