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Union Sqaure seeming calmer & quieter than normal is not an illusion. Several of its most prominent regulars have gone MIA, and quite frankly, aren't expected to return. Free Rubs made The Times last week, and his folks sound like he's not going to be doing any more Free Hugs for a long, long time.

Also, and I'm sorry to be the one to share this, but rumor has it that Signs died. [click here for Signs update] It's been 3 weeks since anyone's seen him, and yesterday I talked to the guys he does work for around the park, and they've confirmed what I've heard. This is the last video I shot of him a month ago today. I'm posting this so that if anybody out there knows anything, to contact me with details. I'll fill you in as I find out more.


There's also been no sign of Dusty, which to me confirms his passing. And the groups are disappearing too, like the Occuposers, Scenesters, Peepers and, hell, even the Village Idiot hasn't been around since Shaggy threw a tomato at him a couple weeks ago. I'd say the park might be looking a whole lot different in 2013. For now though, here's some of everything else that's been happening.


Video by Normal Bob

This isn't the first time Shaggy's stood out front of Zumiez and heckled them through the doorway.

You see, this particular Zumiez has just been built right on a corner a block away from Union Square. It's confirmed Shaggy's greatest fear about long-boards, and the complete mall-ification of skateboarding as he knows it.

Anyhow, I think Shaggy succeeded, as this video clearly shows.

Btw, if you want more Shaggy, check out his blog!
It's got everything Shaggy that can be found on the internet, all put together in one place.

Gay Pride

Video & photos by Normal Bob

One of my favorite new hopefuls this year at Union is Gay Pride. She's been coming out in this rainbow tutu and dancing in those heels better than most girls I've seen.

One of my favorite things about Gay Pride is she's got balls. And last week she went right into Flip's show and stole the crowd... and almost stole their collection buckets!

For me, timing couldn't be better. This park needs a tall glass of pink lemonaid thrown in its face. Wake up this park!!


Video by Normal Bob

Speaking of waking up the park, Tony here, wide awake from the neck down, put on a show that gets completely out of hand towards the end. To the point where after completely emptying our side of the park, we were the one's who finally had to say goodbye to Tony.

Watch the video. You'll see.

Omar's message to Fans

Video & photo by Normal Bob

Omar's got some new tattoos, one of which is on his forehead!

I've tried a couple times to get him to explain them, but sometimes I have trouble understanding the things he says.


Photos by Normal Bob

I've recently noticed that I haven't been shooting as many Griswalds like I used to years ago. I've even worried that either they're maybe getting more normal, or god forbid, I'm getting too used to them!

So just for the sake of checking myself I've been shooting more of them lately, like this Griswold dad with the sweater and camel-toe, and this frontpack guy below who wears his belongings like that because in New York people won't steal your stuff if it's right where you can see it.

I never want to lose my appreciation for Griswolds, because the minute you do you risk thinking that they're regular people, and not mutations of cheap reproductions that have been bred from human-like clones.

Video by Normal Bob

Jenkos here has been a regular at the park since almost a decade ago, and he's been wearing Jenko's from the beginning.

His pants have been a conversation piece for Shaggy and I for a while, and now it's your problem to deal with. Let's see which side of the battle you come out on.

Free Rubs sounds off

Video by Normal Bob

Just before Rubs went away he had a chance to sound off to all his haters.

Shaggy and I both hope the best for his life, and whatever anyone says, he's really a good kid, not a creep. Good luck, Jeremy!

Turd & his GF

Photo by Shaggy

A couple weeks ago Turd and his girlfriend came by Starbucks and they got to see the video I'd shot of Turd & his shitty day. This image is of them viewing the video on my laptop. Isn't it adorable?

She simply LOVED it, exclaiming, "Oh my God, this video is so great! See what I have to put up with every single day!" And Turd blushed, and they both had a good laugh over it and their crazy-ass life.

They've been together for a couple years now, and are turning out to be a couple of my favorite krusties I've yet met.

Cheers to krusty-love!

Lotion Man

Video by Normal Bob

This video is titled "Lotion Man, By Request" because it seems that no matter how down & out he gets you people just want more. I personally don't see the draw anymore, and maybe I'll finally convince the rest of you of this.

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