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This has been one very different year so far, with many of the fan-favorites disappearing, unpredictable weather, and the park in general feeling a lot different than usual. This is what makes all the regulars whom we already know and love that much more tollerable. Which leads me to...
Roman Shusterman the Fart Smeller is at it again, and for a change Shaggy is not only diggin' the new campaign, but he wants to help out!

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is one overdone shout out to all the beautiful ladies who come into Roman's field of vision, and them getting exactly what he thinks they deserve.


Spidey's Sad Story

Video by Normal Bob

The only way you can get any real money panhandling on the subway is by coming up with a story that's better than the story everyone heard 10 minutes earlier.

Shaggy told me that Spidey had a good one, so he called him over so I could share it with all of you.


Photo by Normal Bob

Goldman may tell you that every night he washes it off, and he only uses toxin-free paint, and not only that but it's actually good for the skin, but everyone around here knows he sleeps on the park benches fully painted, head to toe, all the time, and the paint he uses is the cheapest brand you can get, obviously.

I love Goldman because while he's walking down the street he sprays himself with extra coats, and is pretty much spraying himself with paint every free moment he has. So if you have daughters who you let wander around the city, tell them it's perfectly all right to sit on Goldman's spray painted desk chairs and pose for pictures. The only thing that'll stick to them afterwards is a little paint, and whatever might stick to wet paint during his day.

Jeremy's Back

Video by Normal Bob

No kidding, I really thought we'd never see Free Rubs back at the Square. In that NY Times article his folks sounded bent on taking Jeremy out of the city parks and getting his life pointed in the right direction. Shaggy and I are thrilled, however, with his triumphant return!

He spent a couple weeks in jail, and is no longer allowed back at Washington Square Park, but short of that, the Free Hugs surplus exchange is open again for business!
No refunds.

Shaggy the Snitch

Video by Normal Bob

This is Shaggy's latest project – Getting all the noisey people out of the park so that he can be heard yelling at everybody all the time.
Photos of Omar

Video by Normal Bob

If you're a Union Square Amazing Stranger one of the best ways to get on my good side is to let me take your picture without question, then freak-the-fuck-out when anyone else tries to take it.

Wendell hassles Yuppy

Video by Normal Bob

See? We're all friends here who trust each other and let each other take pictures because we trust one another! And when some weirdo yuppy guy tries to sneak a photo of one of our own, the whole park comes to the rescue!

Oh, except for Wendell. He can be a bitch about photos no matter how far back you + he go.

I swear just a few weeks ago he had my back, telling Tony not to mess with me! I can't blame him though. He's got a business to protect.

Sit or Die, BITCH!

Photo by Normal Bob

This is Bandaid doing what he mostly does at Union Square, and he hasn't died yet, BITCH!
NYC Moment

Video by Normal Bob

Whenever Shaggy and I are walking down the street and something like this is going on, he starts yelling at me to "film it!" To me it's just another day in the city, but he's telling me "This is what people want! They don't get to see this stuff every day like we do, so you gotta give it to them!"

Looking at the comments I'm thinking I'm more right, but what do I know? Like it or not it's definitely a typical NYC moment with a whole bunch of adults looking for an excuse to yell at one another for a few minutes, get the cops involved, then go on their way with nothing really happening at all.

Phone Messages
& Lotion Man

Video by Normal Bob

Last, but not least, for those of you wanting to experience some first hand Union Square evening with Shaggy and I, DON'T COME VISIT! We don't want to hear your retelling of your favorite videos, have to explain to you why Village Idiot isn't a genius or how we're too mean to nice people, or listen to the details about the crazy people in your neighborhood.

Here's 10 minutes that'll give you a good enough idea of what an evening with us is like. However, as far as we're concerned, if you're making holiday plans to come and chill at with us at Union, you'd better be ready for anything, including this side of Shaggy telling you what the fuck he really thinks of your fanning out.

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