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I've been seeing several complaints in the comments on YouTube that this year I've really been slackin', and I need to get out and shoot more, and post more!

People. If I spent any more time at that park I'd grow roots. The sad but very real truth is that nothing's happening for me to film! Some years are slower than others, and since this is a project that happens on its own, you just have to sit and wait, and learn to live with whatever happens, exactly like I do.

However today's FEATURED VIDEO is one of the first breaks in the uneventfulness. And, through no coincidence whatsoever, it's on one of the first beautiful days we've had in a month, that isn't 98 degrees.


6' 7" Jew's New Sign

Photo by Normal Bob

I'm not sure how many of you can remember some of the past signs the 6' 7" Jew has had at the park, but they've each had some sort of intricate work put into them – Sign 1, sign 2, sign 3. Certainly more than your average bum's, to say the least.

But none compare to what he marched into the park with last Friday. Just look at this thing! It's all, fiber-glass, and vinyl, and beveled wood, and I'm not sure what the fuck else!

It's difficult to show exactly how impressive this thing is on video, but take my word for it, it's freakin' nuts!

Video by Normal Bob

Anyhow, when we all saw Six Foot coming around the corner with it hung around his neck, let's just say "It was really hard to deny."

It's constructed by artist Clinton Boisvert who brought you those FEAR boxes he randomly placed around NYC subway stations in '02.

Six Foot is one of those guys who I couldn't stand 8 years ago, but now he's a friend. He's always got something going on. Watch the video and see.

Best Coexist Shirt

Photo by Normal Bob

Best Co-exist tee ever.

Yes, I know the swastika was originally a symbol of the American Indian, and that's probably what he's intending, but even so, it still takes balls to wear. And from the looks of him, he's got 'em.

Hired Provocateur,
or Qween Amour?

Videos by Normal Bob

Love him or hate him, Gay Pride has definitely found his niche at Union Square.

Early in my days here I learned that when happening upon someone who's able to regularly visit the park and slap whoever he chooses in the face with his dick and get away with it, to avoid making that person an enemy.

I'm not exactly sure why everybody else here is so slow to pick up on this, but such is the case with these Turkish Muslims demonstrating against Fethullah Gulen.

And the reason Gay Pride gets away with it each and every time? Everyone under estimates him.
• They underestimate his sanity.
• They underestimate his strength.
• They most definitely underestimate his fearlessness.

Obviously there's never been a question of where I side when it's between the gays and Muslims. However, that all said, pull it out and go slap some faces, Gay Pride!

Video by Normal Bob

Now that you've gotten to see the damage that trails in Gay Pride's wake, it's time to meet the Boy behind the Bold.

On this particular day, Qween Amour had just finished with probably his tenth encounter with Show Time, riling up the crowd into a frenzied mess. Afterwards he was happy to come sit down and tell us all a little bit about himself and why he does what he does.

Lemon/Lyme Disease

Video by Normal Bob

There are times when, as a videographer, I am forced to decide between good footage, or acting in the best interest of the subject. Whether it's filming a fight, or a crime, or someone huffing a product they've shoplifted from Staples. In an instant I have to make snap moral decisions about right and wrong, and whether or not I'm aiding or dissuading.

However, in this particular case, letting Shaggy squeeze lemon juice all over his head at the park, no matter how much I knew he'd regret it, caused me no complicated inner debate whatsoever.


Chicken-man's Broke Wing

Video by Normal Bob

Until the day I die I will always have a keen love for punkers. Their language & accents are sweet music to my ears, and having Chicken-man describe how he busted his wing in the mosh pit at Punk-Island is sweet sweet poetry like no other.

I could seriously listen to him describe shit all day.

Lotion Man After Hours

Photo by Normal Bob

A couple weeks ago, after going to see World War Z, I found myself at Union Square –after hours. What goes on at the Square after night falls, the stores have closed, and all the normal people have gone home can only be imagined in the gooiest depths of the lizardy parts of the brain.

This night I happened upon Lotion Man who was in the middle of constructing a new outfit for himself out of an old tee shirt, and creeping around with "a new friend."

The rest of what occurred is difficult to describe, so you're just going to have to see for yourself...

Video by Normal Bob

Oh, and just to clear things up, that's a toy baby-doll they briefly fight over in the video.

Phone Tourists

Photo by Normal Bob

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to present to you the latest version of The Vacationing Family.

I wish I could've captured a video of them walking to their seats exactly as you see here, staring at their phones ignoring each other with frowny faces. But perhaps the photo says it all.

Sammy gets a Girl!

Photo by Normal Bob

Remember Sammy? The guy who got smacked in the head more than a few times by Signs the Bum? The sad clown who couldn't get a date at the park to save his life?

Well, he's gone an done something no other Park Rat has ever been able to accomplish, including me! Sammy went and got himself a cute, normal girlfriend! Granted, he got her in Stanton Island, but still, it's a feat like no other.

Now if only he'd learned the most important park rule after accomplishing something so miraculous. –Never bring her here!

But no. Sammy can't resist. And just minutes after arriving, he left her with us, ran over to the Roach Nest, and brought one back with him. After introducing him to her I was lucky enough to hear the roach say into Sammy's ear, "Dude, hook me up."
Then off they all went, with girlfriend tagging close behind.

Sammy has always been a guy who has to learn things the hard way.

Josh Taft sings "I Love You"

Video by Normal Bob

To me, some of the most magical moments at the park are when the sun goes down and someone's playing good music on the guitar.

This video is dedicated to just that.

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