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These last couple weeks Union has gotten its pace back. The characters seem to have shaken the shackles of the summer sun.

Also, I'm thrilled to announce that rumor of Dusty's live-ness has surfaced. One of the park rats talked to Dusty's sister who said he's in fact not dead, and instead in Florida. Hopefully a reunion is somewhere in the not too distant future.
Dusty! If you're out there, we miss you! You got my email address!

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is another magical musical moment featuring two separate sewer stories taking place in NYC. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Signs Attacks!

Video by Normal Bob

Here's what happens. If Signs doesn't get his ass beat at least once a year he turns into this.

A few years ago the Heart-Stopper stopped his heart. The following year he got choked out by a girl. This year however, he was presumed dead, then upon his return from the grave and a standing ovation for it, he's out of control again.

But I have to admit, ealier this evening Signs redeamed himself, and made me reconsider his value at the park.

Sketch Girl Nat

Photo by Normal Bob

Sketch Girl Nat is one of the very few girls who's found a way to regular this park but not get "sucked in." There's been a couple times when it looked as if she'd finally lost the fight, but it seems that her smarts and sobriety have gotten her through at the end of each week.

Video by Normal Bob

In this video Nat explains how she's been able to keep herself unaffected by the Roach Nest's persistent attempts to destroy her.

These are some wise words to any girls who want longevity at Union Square, for god-knows what reason they'd want it.

Pretty Boy Jake's Hair

Video by Normal Bob

"Where's Pretty Boy Jake, for Christ's sake? I need him!" & "More videos of Jake, God pleeeeezze!" have been the cries in the comments section on YouTube – Mainly under the videos of Gay Pride, no less! Go figure.

Jake's visits have been slightly fewer than last year, and the park is less beause of it. But when he is here he's still a sight for sore eyes.

For all of you who prefer your guys prettier than your girls it's another moment in time with Pretty Boy Jake and friends.

Smiley Gets Pissy

Photo by Normal Bob

When we first met Smiley he sang a lovely song to boost the spirits of Lotion Man, and was on a park-wide mission to spread happiness and joy. The other day however, Smiley wasn't doing quite as well.

Video by Normal Bob

Not many people who accidentally piss themselves in the streets would still venture forward on their quest to make the world smile. Most would at the very least take the day off and spend it at the laundromat. But not Smiley!

In his world you simply tie a tee shirt around your waist, pull it around to cover the wet spot, and everything's good as gold! In fact he's more than happy to open with that bit of news, and let the chips fall as they may. All that and then some.

You go Smiley!


Photo by Normal Bob

This is Kwami in his new shades and an icecream cone. Another interesting Union Square regular.

Shaggy Promo

Video by Normal Bob

Shaggy's been roughin' it these last couple months barely making rent and a little more Taco Bell than usual. So to help make ends meet he's been selling archived copies of his zine on the NE corner of 14th & University for a dollar, and also in this video, I suppose.

Clever Tourist Photo Trick

Video by Normal Bob

If only you knew how often we had to witness tourists performing this photo-gag with the landmarks, statues, non-landmarks, buildings, and whatever the fuck else they can find that's huge and off in the distance. It's the joke that never gets old for them.

Photos by Normal Bob

For some reason it's a trend most popular with Japanese girls, and they laugh and laugh and laugh and the results. But for an equally mysterious reason, I only have shots of white people doing it.

In this particular video, it's a family from Chicago having fun with it, so Shaggy brings them over for a short interview.

Quarter Guy

Video by Normal Bob

Wanna know what sets Quarter Guy out from all the others? Unlike all the other bums, beggars and homeless crazies, Quarter hangs with no one. It is for this that all the other bums hate him.

After Quarter Guy sweeps a Starbucks or The Square it's common to here other bums talkin' shit like, "I hate him! He thinks he's better than us!' threaten him, and even wish him dead.

In this video, two other bums – Signs and the Russian Drunk, both let their feeling be known to Quarter, while Quarter looks down his nose and scoffs their hatred.
Why, you ask? Because he's better than them.


Video by Normal Bob

It kills me that I didn't get the shot of Signs with his whole face in the bucket. He keeps such a close eye on my and my camera it's getting more and more difficult to capture those truly candid moments with him.

You watch, in videos like the one at the top of the page where he's yelling at the chess player, or this one with the popcorn, his eye is always glancing over to see if he's in the shot. Then the second it's confirmed his demeanor is adjusted appropriately.

I thought sure I was going to get all that popcorn dumped on me, but in the end it all turned out to be for the birds.

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