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It happened. Roman the Fart Smeller got public recognition from an actual celebrity. It seems that Miley Cyrus herself re-tweeted a photo of Roman, and as a result it's completely gone to his head. No surprise. So today's FEATURED VIDEO is his response to all that, Annnnd...
Yes, the new Matchgame postcards are now in! I know it's later in the year than usual, but they are here!
Lookit how excited Roman is for the new card here, snatching it out of my hand. It's the best one yet.

Wendell in a Garbage Can

Photo by Normal Bob

On this beautiful afternoon, when Wendell climbed into the garbage can, we could have never predicted what would follow. This one event fired up 3 different conflicts. Sathya Sai Baba gave the Deadbeat Blogger a whack! Jenkos started up with Shaggy, which led to group of 15 year olds peacocking it up to both of us! And it didn't stop there.

Video by Normal Bob

Jenkos (whose vacation in America ended the very next day) has decided to keep things extra spicy in the video comments (he's Nick), and every comment he leaves is not some innocent observation, or snarky dig. But instead he goes for a freakin' pile-driver to the top of my skull, every time!

Some of his comments are painful for me to even repeat! Like, he's spreading propaganda that Shaggy's my only friend (I easily have another one, I bet), and crazy rumors that we don't beat up people in the park. Believe me, we beat up people ALL the time! People way bigger than us! I'm super tough, just like I say in the video. I just don't film it. And the most shocking of his statements; that Shaggy & I are gossips!

You've been warned. If you choose to get involved with the comment section there you'd better be prepared for the internet smack-down of your life! Be aware, Jenkos isn't in the least bit scared or reluctant to dare you, or anyone else, to COME SAY IT TO HIS FACE!

But if you can't say it to his face then he might very well send you an email accusing you of slander, in regards to what's written above, just like he did me about a week after this was posted. Seriously.

Oh Nick, will you never see the hilarious hypocrisy in your actions?

Union Square misses you.

Alexandra's Internet Life

Photo by Normal Bob

This particular afternoon, Alex just popped out of nowhere. She'd been lured in by Roman's Miley Curus sign, then he gave her a postcard and brought her over to me.
There's no way you can ignore her style, and it's impossible to ignore that voice! What reason would any internet boyfriend have to not want here at his front door??

But I love her for having a sense of humor about all of this, I'm so thankful she was willing to let me dive so deep into a topic which has been troubling me for some time now. And she seems to sum up everything that I wanted to touch on.

Video by Normal Bob

And would you believe she's never heard of Yolandi Visser, or Die Antwoord?

Avoiding Tony

Video by Normal Bob

If there's one skill a person develops after spending years at the Square it's the skill of avoiding people.

Here Shaggy and I show you exactly how to avoid one of the most annoying guys there, and explain in detail how it's done.

I won't give away the ending, but after it all happened it wasn't just for our skills that sealed the deal.

Jeremy's Flyer

Video by Normal Bob

The other day I saw Jeremy handing out papers to people at the Square. So I called him over to find out what was up. Anyhow, he seems to have grasped the possibilities of having girls feel sorry for him after seeing the Nazi video.

I've also gotten the impression that he's got his share of girls who are regulars that keep up with him and what's going on in his vids. You'll see what I'm talking about at the end of the vid.

Anyhow, I'm happy to say that our Jeremy is indeed cleaning up his act, and gaining more support and less haters at the park.

Gravers the new Goths

Photo by Normal Bob

Union Square has pretty much lost any sort of Graver scene it once had. Years ago they were plentiful, but lately you're lucky if you even get a pair of UFOs on a guy pushing a shopping cart. However there is something happening, that I can't quite put my finger on.

It's some bdsm, shuffled into anime, with a pinch of Occupy, and I'm pretty sure that's Morpheus lurking there in the back. In today's NYC I'm delighted to see anyone putting the effort into standing out again.

When it's gone, you'll miss it too. So, Respect!

The Roach Nest

Video by Normal Bob

Shaggy finally explains what and where the Roach Nest is.
Lesbians are taking our Girls

Video by Normal Bob

When I saw this sign for the first time I definitely laughed. And for me, in regards to Roman's signs, when that happens it's memorable.

Then the next thing that stood out to me is how many people were pissed as hell about it!

And the third thing that surprised me about it was how many gay people hated it and thought Roman was a religious nut.

When there's that many things about something Roman's done, it can't be ignore. And it's safe to say this one isn't being ignored.

Shaggy's Friend

Photos by Normal Bob

"Sorry to say I'm embarrassed to admit I've known this fucking dweeb for over ten years.

He's like one of those guys you run into over and over again and he will not go away. I really don't know his history, but by the way he talks you would think he just got here yesterday. But he's been here in New York for most of his life."

"As time goes by we tend to grow up, but as for my friend here, his life is going the other direction. He's getting younger and younger. I don't recall seeing him wear these kinds of shirts ten years ago.

He showed up at the park with a huge shopping bag. The expression on his face was fucking priceless. He tells me that his grandma took him shopping for his birthday, and she told him he can get as many dvds he can fit into his giant shopping-bag. He took full advantage of her offer and he will never have to leave the house again. As you are reading this, this mother fucker will be celebrating his birthday for the rest of his shitty life watching cartoons.

Anyway, he made a brief appearance at Union Square to let me know that it's his birthday. Not only was it his birthday but this motherfucker got more presents in one day than I would get in a lifetime."

Peeper Trap

Video by Normal Bob

"3 years ago the peepers got semi famous. What usually happens to people that become famous is they either get stuck-up or they disappear.

We at Amazing Strangers have a lot of respect for the peepers. They've come back to the park for more sights of the panties even though they got famous on Inside Edition.

I thought this peeper was in pain from all his peeping, but later Normal informed me he was actually trying to intimidate me by pantomiming a punch in my face. The only threat we at Amazing Strangers face from a peeper is less girls at the park, and more dudes."

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