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Today's FEATURED VIDEO is the long overdue Methods of a Peeper part 7!
Now, we've actually had an exchange with the Classy Peeper over a year ago, so he's not a complete stranger. But this year he's just one of a hundred who finally drove Shaggy to his wit's end, as seen here...

Let no one try to convince you this hasn't been a creepy year at Union Square Park. I have video.



Video by Normal Bob

Here at the park we all get Roman's gig. But behind me were these girls visiting from middle-America somewhere who were just fuming over his latest!

The girl in blue kept saying to me over my shoulder, "If you want something to film, I'm gonna give it to you!" which is precisely what she did.

Alexandra's Next Relationship

Video by Normal Bob

In case you missed it, we all got to meet Alexandra about a month and a half ago when I interviewed her about internet relationships. Coincidentally it was that same afternoo that she met crazy relationship number 2!

If you've forgotten the ups & downs of young love's foolishness and all-consuming grip, this is a video reminder.

The kids name is Jeremy, and she's certainly got the story-telling ability to fill you in on everything that's happened since then.
You're sure to be entertained.

Sukkot at Union Square

Video by Normal Bob

Everything I shoot and post doesn't have to be somebody getting chased through the park, mobs of sexual predators, or a documentation of the smelliest bum at the Square. Sometimes it's a beautiful day, everyone's in good spirits and they're all being friendly and heart-warming.

Happens about once a year, so appreciate it.

Signs Drunk?

Video by Normal Bob

Rarely... and I mean RARELY do you ever see Signs drunk. I'm sure that's what a lot of people assume when they first meet him (that he drinks), but the only addiction I've thought he might have is lottery tickets.

On this day however Shaggy and I couldn't think of any other explanation for why he was buggin', and slurring, and swaying. You be the judge.

Creepy Park

Video by Normal Bob

"Union has been really creepy this year. You got Roman with his creepy sign chasing all the girls away, Jeremy, aka- Free Rubs who is my best friend running around with his dirty sign demanding free hugs from girls, and if they refuse his free hug he will then do creepy circles around the group of girls until they leave the park.

Then you got Normal's all time favorite - The Peepers. Peepers are very similar to roaches. If you see one you will see a whole bunch of them, and once they find the perfect panties on a girl they will not go away until she leaves, all creeped out.

So there you go viewers the park is packed with perverts, so if you're a dude and you are reading this, stop by the park and join the creepy Sausage Party"

Shaggy Sk8es

Shaggy the Soccer Snitch

Video by Normal Bob

Kicking the soccer ball and throwing the football are two pastimes at Union where the people playing can't seem to figure out why it's so fucking annoying. Or, when they're told, they don't give a fuck.

One of the methods I've used in times past to stop the madness is a start shouting about how the year before a football (or soccer ball) flew into a baby carriage and severed the spine of a baby and it was all over the news. This tiny fib usually gets them to stop. But a more guaranteed way is Shaggy's method as shown here.

What makes a woman?

Video by Normal Bob

No ones better at answering questions with the right answer better than Jeremy. And this one he knocks completely out of the park.

Photo by Normal Bob

This is Bianca. Probably the cutest Gothic vampire at Union Square. I mean, just listen to that adorable laugh. So when Shaggy called me and told me to meet him at Zumiez because Bianca was going to do her Zumiez tribute, I ran.

Video by Normal Bob

Now, Ron the Don and Shaggy are friends and they love it when we do this. So if you're ever around Zumies on 13th and Broadway you should do it too.
Ruined Proposal

Video by Normal Bob

"If your a fan of Union Square and you've been watching Normal's videos, you know how fucking grimy the park can get. I've seen Wendell shit in garbage cans, roaches fighting in the Roach Nest, and this year alone 2 people died here. Union is not a dream park, and it's far from Sex in the City.

One night Normal & I were sitting at the park when this fucking loser geek decided to make an announcement to all the homeless people that he is going to propose to his future wife.

Most of park rats that live in this park don't have families so why should we really care about this? Should we actually care if this loser wants to marry her in the park? What's his next step - marry her in a homeless shelter?

I've been hearing that people on youtube dot com don't like this video. Well fuck them! They're not hanging out here on a daily basis dealing with the bullshit Normal & I have to deal with. If they don't like the video don't waste your time watching it. There are better things to do in life than sitting on your fat ass on a daily basis watching Normal's videos!"

Shaggy Sk8es

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