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As winter winds down and spring sets in, the results of all that stored up frustration are unraveling.

Unlike last year where nothing really started up until the middle of summer, this year everyone has a load to shoot! And we're all right in the line of fire.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is pretty godammed basic, but also hilarious. This isn't the first time we've encountered "Heatin your dinner up!" and it sure won't be the last. Have fun.


Shoplift Snitch

Video by Normal Bob

These top three videos represent the last insufferable days of winter at Starbucks. So when this drunk came in and started shoplifting mugs in his ripped paper bag, it was the greatest thing we'd seen in months!

He may not have pulled off the perfect heist, but he stole our frowns and turned them upside-down!

Shaggy Recovering

Video by Normal Bob

Shaggy had to get surgery on his rotator cuff, so he figured what better time to do it than the end of February when there's very little reason to even be alive.

For all you Shaggy Groupies out there, you don't have to worry! He made it through, all his friends are here supporting him, and you're allowed to laugh at how he has to put on a hoody now.


Booey Bomb is Back!

Video by Normal Bob

Joey Boots said he was done with Booey Bombs, so when I spotted him at Union jumpin' around in front of the news crews I started filming. Little did I know that he'd actually be taken by undercover cops down into the police station downstairs!

Joey met up with Shaggy and I afterwards at Starbucks to tell us what happened and to give Shaggy an opportunity to aggravate him some more before he went home.

“Bitches Don't Get It”

Videos by Normal Bob

Last year is when "Bitches Don't Get It" first showed himself to the Square. No one ever saw him talk to anyone, or hang with anybody. And no one certainly ever saw him walk any other way!

On this day I approached him to see what was up and was informed that the bitches don't understand.

Even more to my surprise however is a couple days after posting it to YouTube waking up to see it'd gotten over 150,000 views! It seems that whatever Bitches has is unmatched by anything in the UK – because that's where all the hits were coming from.

Here's a more in depth interview shot a couple weeks later to kill any brain cells the first video may have accidentally left alive.

Glass Harass

Video by Normal Bob

Shaggy's made it very clear that if I spot someone in Google Glasses I need to point them out.

As if we all weren't creeped out enough by all the self-absorbed shit on Facebook, now we has to deal with someone being able to snap a picture, search the internet, and download all of our personal information in an instant?! Shaggy's not gonna have it, as you'll see.

Special Table

Video by Normal Bob

I remember at one point last year some asshole on YouTube saying – "You really like Jeremy? How about inviting over to your home, or going out to lunch with him? C'mon Bob! You won't do that because yo're just in it to make fun of him!" or something along those lines. And I'll tell you, it's a pain in the ass trying to get Jeremy to change up his schedule and do anything other than Free Hugging!

But finally after making the times and location clear enough to him we were all able to have a nice visit at the Special Table at the Starbucks on Astor Place. You'll see.

Wendell Steals Show

Video by Normal Bob

There's a new "comedian" in town, and just like the rest of us he doesn't seem to have anywhere else to be. I've heard him called "the Black Village Idiot" but I guess he goes by "$DEF Mark" which doesn't bring up Jack Shit on a Google search.

He first showed up last year at the park pretty much doing really really bad comedy, like asking someone where their from then when they say "Iowa!" he'd say "Whoa! Ok! Wow!" and that was about it.

What probably happened is the first time he did the "yeah yeah" bit he got some of his first laughs ever, so now he's clinging to it like toilet paper to the bottom of your shoe.

One by one the park rats are getting in on the show, the first one being Wendell the Garbageman.

Roman Steals Show

Video by Normal Bob

The next day Roman gave a speech that for a minute made the two look like a professional comedy duo. Playing off each other, and turning this G Rated kiddy show into a NC17 adult act! Buck Def, in my opinion, should join Roman's Sausage Party and finally have a funny show!

And Roman, as you'll see above, has everything to gain by this new sidekick as well.

Signs Stops Show

Video by Normal Bob

Finally, on the third day Signs threw out both DollarDEF and his videographer who couldn't keep his cool behind the camera. And I can tell you the Black Village Idiot has not returned since.

I'm sure he's not going to stay away, but it's an excellent start to the year if you ask me. BRAD PITT!

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