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Oh people.
Yes, the park has returned full force for 2014 without any sign of being silenced by anything, except cold hard rain.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is an almost unedited quarter hour of Union Square with an all-star cast – Joey Boots, Chewy, Shaggy, Wendell, and even Bitches Don't Know!

Some in the comments section are already declaring it The Best Video Of The Year! In my opinion it's a perfect example of what it can be like there when you're just trying to enjoy an afternoon coffee-break at the park.


Stray Cat Lotion Man

Video by Normal Bob

One of the things I've had to overcome as a photographer at the Square is getting myself past being annoyed by my subjects, so I can accept the images that they give.

Photo by Normal Bob

I mean, you sit here having to deal with Lotion Man for an hour. The last thing you want to do afterwards is circle 'round him feverishly taking pictures like he's the model of the year. But that's what's got to be done sometimes.

Photo by Normal Bob
Jake's No Flo-mo

Photo by Normal Bob

Who is Pretty Boy Jake? It's the question asked whenever another video of him gets posted.

Video by Normal Bob

This week Jake answers some of questions the world's been asking, many of which he doesn't even know the answers.

Photo by Normal Bob
Why I Hate Hippies

Photo & Story by Normal Bob

If you've ever wondered why it is I hate hippies so much, just read this story I've got about the guy who sat behind my friend.

So yesterday I’m at Union, and I’m sitting with this kid who’s a fan of the site, and he’s cool, and we’re talking. At one point I leave to go to the bathroom, and when I return there’s a couple sitting where I had been sitting. [click here for full story @]

Free Hugs. Not Drugs.

Video by Normal Bob

Jeremy's an easy target. The goddamned park is strewn with men searching for ways to show they're alpha, and he's the perfect runt they all seem to zero in on.

What these men aren't considering is that Jeremy's getting older, and bigger, and in all likelyhood more dangerous. All I'm saying is which end of the can of soda will you be on when Jeremy's 25, 5'11" & 180?

Planning ahead is why Shaggy and I are still here, and everybody else is temporary.

Shaggy runs the Joint

Video by Normal Bob

Destined to be the most hated video of the year.
Piles of Copper Ammo

Photo by Normal Bob

If you ever come to the park and see a pile of pennies, do you know what that means?

I'll give you a minute to think about it. And if you've paid a lot of attention to the videos you should be able to figure it out.

Give up?

Anyone who's anyone at Union knows, without hardly giving it a conscious thought, that a pile of pennies like this means Signs the bum is here today, and he's leavin' his ammo behind. Which means he's probably already loaded.

Richie's Speech

Photo by Normal Bob

You know what it is about Richie of which I can't get enough? He's able to speak from the Id and just put it all out there, enedited & uncencored.

Video by Normal Bob

I'm not sure whether it's just a small portion of the population he's speaking the Id for, or just me, him and a couple other park weirdos, but whoever it is they have a right to be heard, and listened to!

You tell 'em, Richie. God knows they they fucking deserve it.

Wendell's Photographer

Video by Normal Bob

I think Wendell and I have a deal. If I patiently wait and not take photos when there's clearly a photo moment happening, then after the moment's passed ask him if he wants any photos taken, he'll happily pose for whatever.

Photos by Normal Bob

I've seen several of you comment under the videos where I'm filming Wendell going off on tourists and other folks taking his pictures, "Hey Normal Bob, why does Wendell let you take pictures and not these other people?"

Photo by Normal Bob

For instance, last week Wendell came up and shouted at me, "Why haven't you been taking more pictures!? I'm out here modeling and you not shootin!" to which I replied, "I don't want to piss you off! And I've seen you go off on some people lately."
To that he just laughed.

Anyhow, here are some of what Wendell gave to me the last several days. And this is a drawing I saw a kid next to me working on.

Photo by Normal Bob
Tabatha is Real

Photo by Normal Bob

In case you didn't know, Tabatha, aka Rachel, aka Baby Carriage, is already famous. Seems she's already gone viral elsewhere.

Here she is with over 5 and a half million views being interviewed in the line for the new iPhone Apple 5, which I have to tell you I have never seen her with any Apple product, or even an Obama-phone for that matter.

But again, another beautiful example of the lovely photos they're willing to give me if I'm willing to take it.

Video by Normal Bob

Here's Tabatha appearing in the MC Undershirt music video "Promise Me You'll Remember My Name."

Apr 24, 2014
“Watching your videos makes me feel less alone.
I feel connected to the people in your videos.
At times, I see myself in them, I care about them.”

Dear Normal Bob,

Hi! I've been a reader and a fan of your website and work for years. 

I like your videos a lot. I like the way you treat your subjects. That, given what I've seen, you don't seem to look down upon them, to treat them as an "other." It's what makes your videos, to me, feel human.

There doesn't seem to be a rhetoric. The videos feel sincere and unpretentious. You don't seem like the type of person that imposes their outlook upon others. You seem like a "chill dude," and your work reflects that.

Watching your videos makes me feel less alone. I feel connected to the people in your videos. At times, I see myself in them, I care about them.

And, yeah, I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore you.

It's just that I'm excited that your stuff exists. It makes me feel a lot of things. It's emotional and human and beautiful. It makes me less depressed. I felt like I had to e-mail you to tell you how much I liked your work.

So, yeah, thanks! I look forward to more stuff from you.


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