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Today's FEATURED VIDEO must be watched through to the end. IMost people, I'm sure, start it then think "Oh God! I don't need to see this," and miss out on the fabulous song & dance number at the end. Don't be that person!

Also, the new postcards came out this month, and you can either brave the park to get one from me, or buy it off the site for cheap
Fair enough?



Video by Normal Bob

Remember Alexandra? She's the girl from last year who discussed her two-year online relationship with us, then met the love of her life during that interview, who then went to jail for it because she was only 15!?

Well, she returned to the park last week to give us all an update on how she's been and what's been happening. And it turns out that everything's okay in her life, but the guys are fucked!

Matty Eyes

Photo by Normal Bob

If you hadn't ever noticed before, when Matty Icce isn't completely wasted with his chin against his chest and his eyes illegibly bloodshot, there's actually a pair of really clear blue windows hidden in that skull.

Go figure.

Signs outta Control!

Video by Shaggy

We warned you people. We told you if Signs doesn't get his ass kicked some time soon this would happen!
And to make matters worse he's been showing off this video to all his friends at Webster Hall (where he panhandles Thursday through the weekend evenings) and anybody else he can corner!

The guy in the video, Jack, has been commenting underneath it if you want to really get involved in what happened.

I swear it was a complete accident that Shaggy ended up behind the camera on this instead of me. I'd just stepped away for a second to throw something in a trashcan, so he grabbed the camera, and it turned out to be an absolutely priceless bonus.

Jeremy Snaps

Video by Normal Bob

If we don't at least attempt to wrangle in Jeremy now while he's still at average human strength it's not going to be little cans of soda he picks up to throw at us years from now. It'll be cans for garbage and it'll take 10 of us to hold him down.

Either way, I know which side of the fists-n-elbows I'll be on when it all finally goes down.
Lotion Man

Photo by Normal Bob

This image for all you who want more Lotion Man while he's been MIA, while at the same time his message to all of you.

The New NYC Tour Buses

Video by Normal Bob

Anyone who's been accusing me of turning this city into a sideshow has yet to witness the roving bleachers squeezing their way through traffic as of late.

I'm not sure how long these will last though considering the many colorful and descriptive ways I've heard New Yorkers detail the ways they'd like to "give back the show" to these gawkers.

Joey's Lesson on the F Word

Video by Normal Bob

Remember earlier when I'd stated that someone needs to kick Signs' butt very very soon? Well I was hoping that this might escalate into such a gift from above. Unfortunately though, Signs knew enough to back down in a way that only he can.

Maybe next time.

Bitches Know

Video by Normal Bob

These bitches clear up the misconception whether or not they do indeed know.
April's Month In Review

Video by Normal Bob

I'm happy to announce that for once we're finally getting noticed! Shaggy & I just agreed to a Month-In Review that'll be exclusively featured at No Your City's channel. They've got a great collection of personalized video profiles of some of NYC's most bizarre and eclectic characters.

This is our first Month-In Review, and if you want to see more great NYC content, you should check out everything else on No Your City's pages.

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