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If you've been paying attention you've noticed I've taken a break from uploading. June has been a pretty dangerous-feeling month. There's been threats & shouting, and enough to make Shaggy and I realize we need to step back a bit.

To counter all of this tension today's FEATURED VIDEO is an upbeat song by Chewy (on one of his good days), peppered with several hand-picked happy moments from the square.

This is normal park dynamics though. Last month offered up so many amazing events, that this is exactly what we'd expect to follow. Never fear though, a little break is all that's needed, and there'll be more very very soon.



Videoo by Normal Bob

Well, despite announcing that he loves feminists, then having his sign torn up, Roman really surprised me when he told me that he was moving upstate!

Most of the time I don't take statements like this from him too seriously, but fact is he just hasn't been around the park much for the last month or more, and the park is noticably changed!

What is to come of this?!?!

Pretty Boy Jake

Photo by Normal Bob

Amongst so much ugliness I'm always happy to be audience to Jake's prettiness, which is the topic of his video this week.

Video by Normal Bob

Please enjoy the pretty and people, c'mon! Don't take everything so seriously.
Going Anti-Shopping

Video by Normal Bob

Initially when this video first got posted I referred to Qween Amor & Matthew Silver as "Gay Pride & Village Idiot" in the titles. I didn't mean to offend Qween with this – I'd been referring to her as Gay Pride before I met her, so I didn't think she'd mind as long as I put her name in the video.

Qween made it clear to me after it was posted that he was indeed bothered and wasn't going to repost it.

Anyhow, I made some changes to the title, and several days later Qween reposted it, which I think means she's no longer pissed about it.

Like I said, It's been one of those months.

Sage on Matthew

Video by Normal Bob

Yes, my opinion of Sage (aka Cockroach) has changed over the last couple years. Now I like him. Here are his opinions on the Village Idiot, which I almost completely agree with!

Shaggy throws out Fan

Video by Normal Bob

If all that wasn't enough, Shaggy was forced to throw fans out of the park while I shot video of it! And so the fans hate us too now.

Totally Tony

Video by Normal Bob

This is obviously one of the most out of control videos last month! Even some of the commentators are siding with Tony. They're in complete disbelief that I could betray his friendship when he's been nothing but a gentleman to me and the rest of the park.

I tried to respond to calm the online firestorm, but even my own YouTube account won't allow my replies! That's how bad it's gotten over here. Which is exactly why, as I futilely tried to comment, is that I too am so offended by my videos I too am unsubscribing.

Inna on Meth

Video by Normal Bob

I am sorry to say that the last time Inna showed up at Union she was pretty high on meth and acting like an addict. Not sure what kind of light there is at the end of the tunnel after this video, but I know how important Inna-updates are to all of you.

Zippy 2014

Video by Normal Bob

One of the people I'm asked about is Zippy. "Whatever happened to that kid?"

Well he stopped by the park a couple weeks ago and he looked good and we had fun.

May Month-In Review

Video by Normal Bob

So I'm just trying to cut this page short so that Shaggy & I can start anew, and leave all these negative and hurtful wishes behind us.

I conclude with another Month-In Review sponsored by No Your City who we're thrilled to be partnered with.

There. This page is done! Can we get by this now?

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