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After such a long drought of events at the Square, Kameltoe was a treat for the ears! Today's FEATURED VIDEO is her performing original songs on the ukulele, "Go To Work" and below - "Gotta Be Strong".

From what I've heard, she's one who shows up somewhere, sings and makes everyone love her, then disappears. I hope that's not the case here because I want more. I'm not even sure if she's knows these videos have been posted.


Normal Bob EXPOSED!

Video by Normal Bob

My haters have been waiting YEARS to finally catch me in the act and shame me for my secrets!
Well, now their day has come.

From what I can gather, there's this girl who's friends with Tony and she's got these guys together to avenge him. I think they're all under the misunderstanding that I'm trying to be anonymous, and if I were to actually be exposed for what I'm doing I'd be shamed from the park never to return again. That's my guess.

The problem is is that this method of shaming doesn't work if the person is proud of what he's doing, and the shamers are the ones who don't want to talk.

It's a weird situation that I don't necessarily want to escalate, but I thought I should at least show you the videos that they'll never post.


Photo by Normal Bob

Also known as Red at the park, Nadia tells some delightful stories about guys following her around and using pictures they've taken of her to try and pick up on her.

Video by Normal Bob

The story doesn't end there though, as a couple of girls who were sitting next to us, I believe overheard her, and used their own unique style of protest to counter the tale that she told.

Green Graver's Scetchbook

Photo by Normal Bob

Green Graver Girl showed up at the park last week to make sure we knew that even though she's been MIA, she's doing fine, and hasn't for even a second considered not being grave, and she's keeping up with her art! Prepare to be impressed.

Video by Normal Bob

You can see more of Green Graver's art at

What Would You Do?

Video by Normal Bob

A black man's convulsing in front of you at the park. What would you do?

This is what I did.

Hi-Pitch Erik

Video by Normal Bob

This is the day we met High Pitch Erik, and he's been showing up to hang out with us every week or so, and we love it.

On this day Joey Boots brought him to us because of his hangnail that he was going to the hospital for.

Oh, and if you want to see Shaggy jumping over these two on his skateboard, you can see that video on his account here:

Soccer Bullies

Video by Normal Bob

It's no secret here, or at Union that the volleyball players have their share of detractors. This video might help you to understand why.

Shaggy Hates Volley Ball

Video by Normal Bob

Like I said, it's no secret the feelings Shaggy has for the volleyballers, and according to Nadia on a day I wasn't there, they broke one of the lights with their ball.

Shaggy posted pictures of these two lamps that were taken out good!

One thing I know, if what they're doing is destroying city property, their days are numbered.

Do you have a picture of the broken light at Union Square? Please send it to me:

Shaggy Loves Tourists

Videos by Normal Bob

I ran into Shaggy the other day yelling at double-deckers, so I decided to follow him on his quest to educate the tourists.

The warnings are no joke! There was indeed a double decker accident in Times Square in August, and the driver was loaded up on pills!

So visitors to NYC, get off those seatbeltless buses and take the subways! They're safer, and cheaper, and a more authentic tour of this great city.

June / July / August
Month-In Reviews

Videos by Normal Bob

It's been a slow few months, much to my regret, at the park, so Shaggy is happy to explain why, and talk about what has been going on in the No Your City sponsored Amazing Strangers June/July Month-In Review of Union Square!

The August No Your City Month-In Review tries to sort out what's up with the efforts to EXPOSE Normal Bob.

Check out the other No Your City videos on the account these are posted on. You'll be glad you did.

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