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Today's FEATURED VIDEO is Joey Boots at his finest taking on the 666,000+ subscribers TrueStoryASA, who neither of us had heard of until this day.

Turns out TrueStory ASA are some young Muslim-American bros who do pranks and have a YT channel that's actually quite popular! And on a day when he was all wound up already he started in on these guys. Long story short, they posted an extremely edited version of these events on their channel, and Joey, in their comments section, is making sure their fans see what actually happened. See vid ––>

The good news is that this feud is not over! Stay tuned for more of Joey Boots vs TrueStoryASA.


Alexandra got a Boyfriend

Photo by Normal Bob

That's right folks! Alexandra came back, even after being witnessing my attack by the shaming police! She's got a new boyfriend, and new stories that entertain me, so I hope that means they'll entertain you too.

Video by Normal Bob

She wants to go to the Rainbow gathering in Chile, South America! And in the creepy spirit of this city, she got an offer to be driven there by a grown-ass man faster than anyone anywhere else could have ever imagined!

God, I love New York!

Jake got a Haircut

Photos by Normal Bob

I'm sure that just like me, all of you are on the edge of your seats too as to Pretty Boy Jake's hair situation. Well, news flash! It's short now, and he prefers it this way.

Thankfully, he's no less pretty. All he has to deal with now is the fact that he's no longer the prettiest girl at the park. Now just the prettiest boy.
Kameltoe gots a New Song

Photo by Normal Bob

Kameltoe surprised us all with her original songs and lovely voice when I first showcased her a couple months ago. Now, by popular request, she's back with two new songs, and two new videos to go with them.

Videos by Normal Bob

First she sings "Females!" which surprisingly turned out to be quite controversial to the commenters on Youtube!

Here she sings another original - "I'm a Song-writer, Baby".

Now can somebody get this girl some money and a home already?

Dude's Arguing about God

Video by Normal Bob

There's nothin' that can get dudes going at each other more than arguing about whose got the right god. Everyone's got an opinion on the matter this fine day, but Chester's the one who steals the show.
Jolly Cat is Back

Video & photo by Normal Bob

I don't think a lot of you know just why Hat in the Cat is so fascinating to us. 2009 is when I first happened upon Jolly Cat and my intrigue hasn't wavered.

A true New York character that doesn't give a fuck! He's the "Matthew Silver" that I understand.

Roman's Last Days

Photo by Normal Bob

A major event happened at the Square and no one's reporting it.

According to Roman himself, he is done. This was his last sign, and it happened at the tail end of June, 2014. He never came back after this.

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Roman making it very clear he's through, and he's going to try and move beyond these activities. He even asked to have all of his videos removed. This is my response to that.

Roman. You've hurt no one with what you've been doing at the park these last 8+ years. In fact, you've made people laugh, fought for their rights, and said only things that are true to you and others! You spoke for many men (and women too!) who found strength in the things only you had the balls to say.

If you think the answer is to hide from what you've done, it is not. Your unwarranted paranoia will have warrant if you try to pretend it all never happened. Your footprint is too big. You must embrace it. Embrace your beliefs no matter who might not approve. That's what I've done, because that's how you move forward.

The park misses you. Shaggy misses you. I miss you! And I've seen it with my own eyes, you have friends & followers at the park who are waiting for you to return. We all hope to see you again happy and well. It's not the same here without you.

For as much of an explanation from Roman as I've got to give, this is the last video I shot of him. I truly hope Roman returns to Union. Until then, Park Rat Love from the lot of us.

Jeremy Free Hugs

Video by Normal Bob

People keep commenting under videos like this – "STOP EXPLOITING THE HOMELESS" or telling me whatever they think is the proper way to interact with people who they deem less.

I say to you, I treat everybody alike until they give me reason to treat them different. That's what we're supposed to be doing.

Shaggy got Beat Up

Video & photo by Normal Bob

That's right. Shaggy got jumped at Starbucks the other day but a couple of homeless drunks, and as much as I'm sure all the commenters on YouTube hope it to be true, it had nothing at all to do with him being a loudmouth asshole.

It left a couple marks on him, but not much more than that. Shaggy's still planning to dish the shit out like he has from the beginning, and this event barely even registered on the "Teach Shaggy a Lesson" dial. So fuck you.
Wendell's Shirt for Joey

Video & photos by Normal Bob

Joey Boots hired Wendell to make a shirt for him. That's it on display below, left, and the above video is the phone call High Pitch Erik made for Wendell to tell Joey his shirt's done. I thought it was interesting.

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