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Roman the Fart Smeller

By now, everybody knows, or has at least heard of, "The Fart Smeller", aka "Sit on my Face Guy", aka "Butt Sniffer," aka Roman. And for a guy who seems to have a quick answer for any possible question you can think to ask him, the one everyone still asks me about him is "Is he crazy, or is this really all just about sex?"


Answer: It's just sex.

Let there be no doubt about it, The Fart Smeller wants sex, and he's brandishing every weapon in his arsenal in order to get it. Unfortunately for Fart Smeller only skill to wield such weapons is by "writing it on posterboard & carrying it around town."

There is no enigma to solve. No hidden message burried under a well plotted scheme. It's as blunt and obvious as it seems, so now what?

As I can remember, this is the order in which his various movements have evolved prior to 2008, and through to 2012. Click text links for informative reference video or picture.

#1. Prior to 2008 it's Random political signs of little to no interest resulting in despair and the challenge of rebranding.

#2. 2009 "Paris Hilton for President" – Lasted one year, and died out along with Paris-mania.

#3. 2010 "Free Massages" – Inspired by the newly trending Free Hugs Movement, this quickly evolved into movement #4.

#4. 2010 "Free Foot Fetish" – Asking girls he massaged if he could also kiss feet. Then eventually, "possibly face sit?"

#5. 2010 "Peace through Face Sitting" – Finally putting it all out there following his prior success in the marketplace, this is when the Fart Smeller's internet fame finally took some legs and he found a "niche."

#6. 2011 "Fart Smelling Movement" – Feeling that face-sitting had run its course (and it was giving him headaches) it was time for something new & refreshing for 2011. This was also when his official name was established.

#7. 2011 "Stop Agism. Lower Age Of Consent to 14" – This movement was ubruptly thwarted on day one [see video], thus he never revisited it. Despite what he states at the end of the video, it is actually over. Completely.

#8. 2011 "Free Happy Endings" – Little public interest due to unclarity, thus only appearing periodically when rotation of 5 & 6 become tiresome because this movement was also thwarted by detractors [see video]


His movements have accompanying political manifestos that he's more than willing to discuss at length with anyone. For this he finds very few takers, which leads to a constant agenda reformation in hopes to resolve this essential flaw in his political message distribution.

Again, The Fart Smeller isn't crazy. He's simply what happens when someone with an overwhelming need for sex, who's completely ready to sacrifice their social standing, discovers the discount power available for anyone carrying a weird sign around the city.

Wait. No. It's someone who has NO respectable social standing whatsoever, nor an incentive to obtain one, who's been raised by kooky park consperiousy theorists, coupled with a lust for sex & fame, but zero employable skills for earning either in any respectable manner.

You know what? You're better off hearing his sister explain it. This is as near as anyone will ever get to a right answer for the question of The Fart Smeller.

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