There are no silent, intangible messages from above to wait for. Get the answers in plain old English delivered right to your email. He will solve all of your problems and there'll be no doubting that He is right. He's God.

67 Prayers have already been answered!

God is here and only here, but before you go to the image of God you should familiarize yourself with the Do's and Don'ts when emailing Him. Would you like to increase the odds of a quick and efficient response? Here are some of the courtesies that God expects when you are speaking to Him.

Some rules to remember
Begin your email with "Dear Almighty God", " Oh God Almighty" or "Oh hail The Almighty God in Heaven".
Conclude your email with "Amen".
Capitalize the first letter when referring to Him (He, You, Lord, Mr. Terrific, etc...).
Bow down before Him.
Praise Him.
Include a picture.

Don't test God. Do not try to verify His authenticity (Ex. "What's my middle name?" or "What song did my mother sing to me when I was little?", etc..).
Don't ask God for things (New bicycle, riches, good looks, healing, etc...)
Don't ask him trivia. (Ex.: "Can You make a rock so big that You can't lift it?")
Don't ask questions for friends or friends of friends.
Don't disagree with Him.

WARNING: Do not look directly into the image of God. People with heart conditions should consult their doctor before viewing the image of God. Do not download the image of God. Do not email the image of God to God. Do not bookmark a direct link to God.

Clicking on the image of God will produce an emailable text window. Construct your email in the presence of God's image, then upon finishing your email, click "send". Only after the email has been sent should you close the window containing God's image. Do not return to this page for at least 48 hours.

If you are ready, click below on the link to God.

Response in not guaranteed. God will only answer the questions that he deems worthy. Replies may take 4 to 6 weeks. Answers will be emailed directly to your computer and posted in the "Answered Prayers" section of this web site.