Dear Omniscient and Almighty Creator,

If You are so good to your creation, why do You allow reality TV to exist in Your Earthly Kingdom? Surely we poor sinners do not deserve Temptation Island and Survivor? Is this a test to determine who shall enter the Gates of Heaven? How many hours must I watch to be truly righteous and cleansed of sin?

As I am a woman I am obviously stained with more sin than a man, must I also watch lifestyle programs or daytime talk shows to atone for my hideous and evil gender?

Thanking You for Your Gracious Time and Consideration,

Alexis Shambrook


I appreciate you admitting your subworth to the male of your species, however, I do not appreciate your questioning of My authority! I'll allow whatever programming I damn well please!

Bare your feet, populate My planet and perhaps a TV in the kitchen would help you get through a lifetime of making up for the sins of Eve. That'll teach ya.

Love, God

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