Hey G,

Something has been bothering me about the whole "I sacrificed my son so that you all can live" schpeel, maybe you can help me understand this more clearly. You had me initially with the whole > gruesome death on the cross/humiliation/I miss my boy >thing....but since you can (and eventually did) bring God Jr. back from the dead....it no longer seems like quite the same "sacrifice" that you have insinuated. In fact, it seems like you now have more time then ever to hang together. Anyway, I was just thinkin bout cha. With all due respect and admiration.... you know who I am (name not needed...Mr See-all)



Let me begin by saying that those were the worst three days of eternity that I've ever had. Even though I used my God-powers to raise him from the dead and he's with me now... in Heaven, I still remember the hurt, no, the ANGUISH from that dreadful week.

You Earthlings have no idea the pain a parent feels when their child passes on... well I guess some of you do but it's not as terrible for you because you're not used to living in paradise like Me and Jesus are. When bad things happen to Us it hurts that much more. For instance, when I kill your babies and you feel bad... wait! Dammit, you're twisting My words!

Jesus is here with Me and He just pointed out that you didn't address Me as "The Almighty God" like you're supposed to. So I apologize but I am not allowed to answer your question. It's really a dumb question anyhow.

Love, God

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