Dear Almighty G.

Are you the Catholic God? If so please answer the following question: This whole Trinity thing is blowing my mind. I think I get the Father and Son part, but who is this Holy Ghost guy? Have you met him? or Gods from other religions?

What do you do in the off season (if there is one)?

Respectfully yours,
Bill Uhlemann


The Trinity is essential to getting closer to Me. It is through My son that you can know Me and it is through the Holy Spirit that you get to telecommunicate with Me. The Holy Spirit is part of Me and... I... I am...

Oh who am I kiddin'. He's totally a third wheel. Honestly, he's not really necessary at all. Early on, Christ and I got totally suckered into his "Triangle Plan". It made sense at the time and it gave us a cool little diagram to help you guys spread "The Word". So anywho, he's now part of the package deal to Heaven. If you don't believe in him then you ain't seein' paradise.

As for gods from other religions, I met Mohammed once at the gym. Nice guy. Real self-conscious though. "No pictures this. My image is forbidden that." A real head case.

Love, God

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