Oh Great One,

After seeing your response to Mike's insightful questions about you and your family tree and it's quick demise....do you ever find yourself wondering what it would be like to have grandchildren?

....and if you had grandchildren, would you have had them nailed to crosses also?

Also, what is your favorite bumpersticker?

Mr. Curious


Unbeknownst to most, Jesus is not My only child. Ever since the Bible took off like it did I've been makin' Messiahs all over the universe. I have impregnated many virgins on hundreds of different planets in thousands of different solar systems. You guys ain't the only life-filled world that needs saving!

As a rule my direct offspring gets crucified for planets. It is their children (My grandchildren) that get crucified for those planet's moons. Sadly, with all of the crucifixions that I require per planet I've never seen any GREAT grandchildren. There's just no point. No life-filled moons with life-filled moons.

Things are confusing enough without Me going into detail with you about the other Messiahs I've Fathered and planets that've been "Saved". You need to just stick with your Messiah (Christ) and let me worry about the others.

Favorite bumper sticker: "Know God, know love. No God, no love."
I swear that one still gives me goose bumps!

Love, God

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