Dear Mr. Almighty

Is there a Mrs. God?

I haven't read Your book yet, but I have heard a lot of stories from it, and realized that nobody has mentioned a Mrs. God. Don't You get lonely up there?
Also, where did You come from? Do You have parents? What were They like? Any Pets? I never heard anything about that stuff either.

Anyway, thanks for Your time and I hope to see Ya soon. Well, not SOON, but eventually.



No Mike, there is no Mrs. God. As strange as it may sound, I am both. I am everything. Neither male or female by your definition. I suppose that a more accurate comparison would be to what you know as a "she-male". Neither man nor woman and yet both at the same time.

Because I am so many things I never get lonely. I am My own parents, having given birth to Myself in much the same way that My son and I are One. It makes for a pretty dull family tree (one branchless stick in the ground).

I realize that from your standpoint I look like some perverted, inbred, incestuous, schizophrenic post-op. But I assure you Mike that I am pure in all that I am and do. I am God.

Oh yeah, I have a ferret named Skittles.

Love, God

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