Dear the Almighty of Mighties,

I have had my ass kicked in this life. I have found myself in one painful mess after another, all of them of my own making. I would like to open myself up to you, because from what I've see this will prevent me from having to take any real personal responsibility!!! I can simply attribute all of the bad things that happen to "Your will" (of course, I wouldn't be able to take credit for all of the good things that I do, but seeing how you made me such a screw up, it seems like a fair trade). The only problem I'm having is finding a way around this pesky logistical reasoning and critical thinking nuisance you've saddled me with so that I may love you as unconditionally as you do me. Do you have any suggestions for me to suspend all logic and reasoning so that I can run into your arms unfettered?

With as much respect as I can give until I get some guidance (oh yeah, and Amen), Burdened


Run to me George. Throw down everything you know and run to me.

I don't care what you think. It's what you BELIEVE that counts! Get it? If you're having trouble with that I've got one word for you that's sure to sway any rational stumbling block you may encounter. What word can curve all logic you ask?


Eternal fucking Heaven George! Do you like the sound of that?! I thought that you would. Just say the words "I believe!" and, I promise, there'll be a seat waiting here for you front row center. Refreshments... half price!

Love, God

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