What is Your favorite denomination? You can't possibly love them all equally because, let's face it, some of them really suck. (Not that I blame You for this, of course!)

This is important, as I am between churches right now and do not want to join one that pisses You off.

I have other questions for you but I do not want to be greedy. If it's OK I will send future emails. Thank You for Your caring and tender concern for me and everyone on this planet (and on any other planets You haven't, in Your eternal wisdom, told us about.)

Thank You and Amen,


For no better reason than because they named it after My Son, I've always preferred Christians. Then it's Jehovah Witnesses and finally Jews for Jesus.

Call me self-centered but I'm just so goddamned proud of My Son for making such an impact down there. He really came through for His Old Man.

Love, God

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