Dear Big Guy Upstairs,

I was just wondering if it's o.k. to kill. I mean, is it o.k. to kill animals? What about people? Does it make a difference if you kill just one person or lots of people. Guys like Pol Pot, Stalin, and Hitler Killed lots of people, but they didn't seem to turn out for the worst. Can you give me some insight into this cause there's lots of killin' in your book and I just want to know when I'm justified.

Amen (I heard 'amen' means "that's all")


Killing for God.

I'd prefer it if you'd leave the revenge and murdering to Me. Often I get contacted by good, practicing Christians who want to kill for me. It's a sweet gesture and probably the best solution, but I know that the second I make a blanket statement approving the murder of non Christians it'll more than likely get out of hand.

Now there have been instances where someone I want dead constantly avoids My attempts to kill him/her (Car crash survivors, botched abortions, pace makers, bulletproof vests, etc...). When this happens and the murder of that person has to be committed by one of you, I'll usually summon you say, by speaking to you through a dog or by writing it on your chest in a series of scars, open wounds, acne, what have you.

It is only in these rare cases that I condone a vengeful, bloody killing in My name.

Love, God


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