Dear Righteous And All-Knowing One,

If heaven is a place of everlasting happiness and peace, how can I be happy in it knowing that some of my loved ones are roasting in the fiery pits of hell? Even if I'm able to interact with a holographic simulation of my gay brother when I'm sitting up in heaven, my soul will still ache for his suffering. Can I really be in heaven if I know that most of the people that are important to me are suffering for all eternity? Or should I just devote my life to making sure he apologizes to you each and every time he sodomizes a strapping piece of man-meat? Please advise.


Paul Alsdorf,

Not to worry!

For those of you that a hologram isn't good enough (which I can't imagine why it wouldn't be) you can have your memory wiped clean! No memories of ever having a brother at all.

In most cases the holograms have been sufficient but for the few who can actually LOVE a non Christian, a memory wipe is your solution!

Love, God


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