Dear Almighty One,

If you are all-loving and all-forgiving, does this mean that we can do whatever we feel like on Earth and you will forgive us and let us into heaven?

Your humble servant,


I am sure that from the outside it looks as if now that Jesus has been sacrificed you folks can get away with murder. And as long as you're worshipping Me and asking forgiveness you've got a free ticket into Heaven. Well, it's not that easy.

Wait a minute, I mean it IS that easy! You know, lookin' at it broken down like that it seems as if I'm actually condoning evil? Can that be right? It'd explain why there're so many mo-fo's up here.

Do I actually forgive everything? Listen, I'm gonna sort this out 'cause this can't be right. You just stay out of trouble. DON'T MURDER ANY BABIES! Even though if you do I'll forgive you. What was I thinkin'?!

Love, God


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