Dear Mr. Amazing all powerful savior,

Heaven is a place that only you know about and all of us down here are clueless about. I have one bit to sort out with you and that is: can women (or even men!) get pregnant in heaven? Maybe your answer would immediatly be no but what if a woman (or a man!) was never able to have a child of their own on earth and it would be their only dream come true to have a baby. Would you grant it to them? What would a child be like if born in heaven?

Thank you and Amen,

Amanda Hirada,

Of course you can have babies in Heaven. Anyone can have babies in Heaven. It's Heaven! You can do anything (except sin). And it's not just babies. You can give birth to anything! A litter of kittens, Macaulay Culkin, a fitness instructor, ANYTHING!

But let's get back to babies. Having a baby in Heaven is more of an egg laying process. The "egg" is about the size of a newspaper stand and it glows. The baby inside is a "Fresh Soul", unlike a used soul that's lived on Earth before coming to Heaven.

"Freshies" are flawless! They make your First Place Child Beauty Pageant (Newborn Division) Winners look like week old road kill.

This does have it's drawbacks. There's a bit of a class separation between the Freshies and the Used. The used souls think they're better because they got My gift of life on Earth, they know imperfection and they've experienced sex. The Freshies feel that they're just perfect... which they are. There haven't been riots or fist fights or anything. The Freshies just tend to be a bit cockier than I'd prefer. But cocky ain't a sin... yet.

Anyways, back on the subject at hand. Having babies in Heaven is super great. Pain free, zero parenting skills required, no poop, pee, puke or cryin'. Just flawless, smiling, blue-eyed baby geniuses. Heck, they're so perfect they'll raise you!

Love, God


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