Dear God Almighty.

You aren't real, or else it wouldn't take you 6 days to make this piece of crap. And why would you need to rest?


Blake McDonald,

Blake, you show Me a god that can make a universe in under 6 days and I will personally convert to whatever religion he's god of. I spent 4 days on the concept of time alone. It was no picnic.

Everybody thinks that all I gotta do is, with that swoop of a hand, say "Let there be light!" and then poof'! It ain't that easy. Keep in mind that before that there was no light at all, Hell there wasn't anything!

I rushed the job and that's the reason everything came out so half-assed (the dinosaur extinction, those horrible Pre-flooders and now you guys with the rock-n-roll music, psychic hotlines and B.O.).

I should've skipped that nap and taken 10 days. At the very least it would have takin care of that disgusting body hair issue you're all dealing with.

Love, God


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