Dear Almighty God-

I have been curious about the concept of in vitro fertilization, or test tube babies to the layman. If You, the Big Guy, created Your Son without poking any of your Holy Appendages into the Virgin Mary, (AKA, the Immaculate Conception), should all your followers procreate in the same manner?

Eric Sanders,

Yes Eric, my hope is that one day this will be the only way people will reproduce.

Ever since the early, experimental stages of test tube babies I've pushed for this alternative. Now that it's been perfected and it's being more widely used I am almost to the point of making it a requirement.

Imagine, a complete removal of sexual contact between all living creatures. I could reduce the number of Commandments to 9 and the Devil would have one less tool to use against mankind.

So spread the good news Eric, and maybe one day there will be only virgins and you will all be one giant step closer to the big "H" in the sky.

Love, God


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