Dear God,

I've been meaning to write for awhile, ever since I took a trip around the world when I was ten:

What language is spoken in Heaven?

Being an American, I assumed English was the official language of Everlasting Paradise until I learned that there are about 7000 languages spoken on Earth.

When we get to Heaven, do we automatically know all of the languages, or do we have to learn them? Or is there another universal Heaven language?

What about slang? You know, will a Gaul who lived centuries before I was born understand me when I approach him and ask, "How's it hangin'?" (Oh, wait... the Gauls were polytheistic, so they won't be going to Heaven, will they? Okay, okay. Let's just assume the heavenly stranger was of a different time and place but was also actually worthy of being in Heaven in the first place...)

Boy, there are so many technical difficulties with getting of Heaven, which reminds me of another part of my question: what about technical jargon? Will I be able to converse freely and knowledgeably about surgery with a doctor? Or the structure of molecules with a chemist? Or the construction of a ballcock with a plumber?

Thanks, God.


The physical body is left behind along with the limitations of language and education.

In Heaven everyone communicates through telepathy. Telepathy communicates feelings not words. So technical jargon and specifically defined words have no value. For instance if you were in Heaven and you wanted to tell someone that you loved them (A very popular sentiment up here) you'd simply "feel" love at them and they'd experience that feeling of your love. The same goes for anything you'd communicate (thankfulness, love, joy, caring... did I mention love?).

Now if you wanted to discuss the inner workings of a combustion engine or the proper diet for a pure bred collie, you really couldn't. There just isn't any need to. Every existing fact is unchanging and already known between each party so unless it's "feeling" related the general information is unnecessary.

Sounds pretty terrific doesn't it? Well hold onto your socks because there's more. There are NO negative feelings in Heaven! No sorrow, hurt feelings, anger, confusion or jealousy. I personally extract all bad feelings before you enter into Heaven. After that, when someone tries to feel those bad feelings, they feel love instead. Sound too good to be true doesn't it? Well that's what Heaven is. Wait a minute, oh you know what I mean.

Love, God


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