Dear God,

I've always wondered this: if you have a divine plan, whats the point to us praying? If what we ask for isn't in the divine plan, we wont get it anyways, and if it is in the divine plan, its going to happen weather we pray or not. please, if you could, clarify this whole mess for me.



It isn't always pretty but, yes I do forgive ANY sin.

When I was first getting this plan together it hadn't crossed my mind that there'd be priests raping children, evangelists conning the poor out of their life savings or good, church going people profiting off of the torture and maiming of helpless puppies.

I figured on a lot of lust and greed, some domestic abuse, a prank or two that crosses the line and maybe a few scattered crossdressings. Of course all the other sins being committed surely wouldn't involve any of My followers.

But damn! There aren't enough arks big enough to carry the number of Christians committing the most horrific acts and asking to be forgiven.

And then there's the non Christians who do their expected crimes and evil deeds who then convert! Tons of them! Serial killers, cannibals, beastialitors and worse! Then they pray, repent, and I'm forced to put my Son in their black heart and forgive them!

I tell ya, if I could rewrite that Book, knowing what I know now, I'd put a lot more emphasis on being good. My bad.

I've been thinkin' about having another go at this "God" thing after you guys do yourselves in. I've always wanted to do a more pillowy planet covered in cushions and soft things. Doesn't that sound nice?

Love, God


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