Dear God,

I know that You have many questions coming in, but I have one.
When we get to heaven, do we live in houses or drive cars, or go shopping. Or do we just sit on clouds all day and play the harp?

Do we have sports and movies? Do we play games or eat lunch? What do we do?



You people just can't get enough info on Heaven can you? It's pretty basic actually. You can do anything up here just as long as it isn't evil. Boardgames are very popular, public television, bake sales, easy listening instrumental music, latch-hook, the list goes on and on.

You can also do stuff like fly, breath under water, lift real heavy objects and other "super" stuff like that.

And EVERY day is a holiday up here! I'm not talkin' about those useless non secular holidays. I'm talkin' about Christmas times a hundred, gifts every day, each one bigger and better than the one before! I've just barely skimmed the surface!

There's the Window to Hell where you where you can "last laugh" the burning souls of the Damned, there's tons of "G" rated movies to choose from and (this one is always a crowd pleaser) Chocolate Land!

So now that I've gotten you scrambling towards the nearest church let me remind you that it's all that and more... forever!

Love, God


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