Hey Big Fella,

I am an athiest. I am one of the nicest, most caring, kindest people there are. I never "sin", smoke, do drugs, etc. I am on honor roll, cheerleading, scholar bowl, and many other school functions. I spend a large portion of my spare time volunteering for my neighborhood. I was just wondering...just because I do not think that the world was created by something we have never seen, will I spend an eternity in hell?

Peace Out,


If you're trying to NOT get into Heaven you're doin' a real fine job of it.

Scholar bowl? Volunteer work? Kind and caring acts?? You can't bribe me with these things! I'm not simply going to let people into Heaven because they're good and have helped mankind. What sort of world would that promote?

Ditch the Atheist thing. It's this "thinking for yourself" that pisses me off the most. Nothing comes from cocky, self confident free thinking!

Love, God


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