hey, i've been to your site and i have to say that i've never been more outraged in my life! what kinda of a sick twisted person would mock God the way you have?? well whoever you are i think you should close your site and keep your thoughts to yourself. I'm not exactly the "perfect" Christian but i know that i need to tell you that you are doing something you'll regret.

Dressing up Jesus??? is that supposed to be funny?? God gave us an amazing gift of grace and you're making fun of that. He died so that we could gain salvation and you're dressing him up on the cross>> that is just plain sick. I think you really should speak to some Christians about this before you judge something you don't even know about. You might be surprized. i know you're probly laughing at this but you shouldn't be b/c this is dead serious. you should really think about this. oh by the way, i think the worst part is the passing yourself off as God and doing the whole "letter" thing. You obviously don't know a thing about God or you wouldn't have done something like this.

Dave Mckay

Dave Mckay,

I usually do not answer the prayers that don't start with "Dear Almighty God" or " Oh God of all the Universe", but your prayer certainly stood out from the others and needed addressing.

Telling your maker that He's sick and twisted is a serious accusation indeed. Let me assure you that I am God. And whether you believe in Me or not, I promise that one day you will see that I am real and My words are true.

If you think that I am a liar, then describing yourself as "not exactly the perfect Christian" is an understatement to say the least! In fact, it is reason enough for me to cast your imperfect "Christian" soul into the depths of Hell for the remainder of infinity! It doesn't get more dead serious than that Dave.

You have suggested that I should speak to some Christians so that I could learn more about Myself?!? I have spoken to EVERY Christian! Without Me there wouldn't even be any Christians and you would all be burning in Hell! Well, actually I made the Devil too so maybe you wouldn't be in Hell. But you wouldn't be in Heaven, that's for sure! You'd all just be floating in some odd limbo I suppose. I don't know, but I think you get my drift!

As for your disapproval of my dressing Jesus, I originally considered having Him be naked for his 32 year stay on your planet, but He actually wasn't "blessed" in that department if you know what I mean.

See that return address? Yup, it's really Me Dave. No need to apologize, I forgive you.

Love, God


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