Dear Almighty Creator and Heavenly Father, etc.etc. etc.,

When I believed in You, I always feared, (and feared is the right word, as you well know, with all that second coming, end of the world, wrath of Jesus crap, I have to tell You, that is very disconcerting for a child), that my soul was going to go to hell because I was a sinner. I knew that I was sin ridden because I always felt full of dread and I had a never ending fear of the apocalypse. (Several of Your evangelical ministers and their make-up covered wives told me that my fears and constant questioning of You and Your ways was because I was full of the devil and I needed to pray on "it.") But since I gave up believing in You, I feel great! Happy, confident, self reliant, my logic and reasoning make sense. It's as if all the mysteries of the universe have unfolded for me. I have no doubts, what so ever, that my eternal soul will go to some place just fine. Why couldn't I feel at peace under Your omnipotent, all knowing, all caring love? Also, why do all of Your narrow-minded followers refer to me as "lost" now that I actually know where I am?

Thank you Lord of Lords,


Peace without me? Hmmm? Do you worship the Devil? 'Cause if you worship the Devil he'll give you fake peace. That's what it probably is. The Devil's fake peace.

Love, God


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