Hello God,

I'd send you a picture but I don't have on in the computer and plus you already know what I look like.I would like to know if young children do not know right from wrong are they sinning?



Hmm, yes. The subject of sinning pre-teens. This is a tough one. When I was first getting things together (human life, the oceans, the Heavens, blah blah blah...) I had originally decided to send sinning children (and babies) to Hell. After only a few hundred years of this, Hell was looking like an overcrowded daycare... of unimaginable pain and agony. In short, it wasn't the image I was wanting to convey. I wanted to be seen as more "loving" and "good". The melting infants weren't aiding that persona. So I created what I call the "Jesus Loves the Little Children" clause. It totally saved my ass, giving a huge boost to the "Loving God" image I was looking for.

The cut-off age varies, but it's generally determined on how it might make Me look.

And the only reason that I'm there when you shower is because that's the best way for Me to be as close to you as possible... in a Holy sense. During the times when you're naked... and wet... and firm. It's all Biblical!


Love, God


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