What the fuck, I love your site, I wish there were more of such sites! I have been entertained by your dress up dollies and putting off my screwed homework. Make more dress up sites, dude, you rule!


Amythia K,

As the Almighty God of the universe, Creator of everything and proud Father of Jesus Christ, I demand more respect!

The photograph that you sent glorifies My evil arch nemesis Satan! Don't you understand how bad that is? And there can never be another site like this one. I am God. The only God! Another site like this would mean that there were 2 Gods?! I would never allow such a thing! And I can't believe that you used the "F" word in your prayer. I don't even know where to start with how wrong that is!

This is not a proper prayer Amy. I'm sorry to say that your request for more "dress up dollies" will not be granted. I've got more important things to do, like My ongoing battles with the Devil!

Now get back to your homework.

Love, God


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