Almighty God in Heaven,
Lord will You please lend Your Infinite Wisdom to Your lowly servant?
Lord I am having problems with finding the right man in my life.I don't know what to do and since I only want to do what the Great Almighty Lord in Heaven wants me to do, I thought that I would pray to You and see if You would answer me and help me to serve You in the best way I can, which includes finding the man that You want me to be with.

Lord You know that You have blessed me with great beauty. You have also blessed me with the attentions of many men, but none of these men seem right for me. I've met many men, but not found the right one for me. These last two months have been hard because I have not met any new men.I have also found myself wanting to give into the temptations of a girlfriend's boyfriend.

How long will it be until I find the same connection that I had with my last boyfriend?I loved him, but I think he was gay.I want the same thing with another man, but one who is straight, or at least bisexual.You are also aware of the boyfriend before that, who was an alcoholic and treated me terribly.I have asked You for forgiveness many times for succumbing to the disgusting desires of the body with him. Are You punishing me for my lustful actions with him?

Please forgive me Oh Great and Wondrous Lord in Heaven. I promise that I will become a born again virgin and wait until marriage like I know You, the Great God in Heaven, expects all of His children to do.

Please Lord in Heaven, give me advice on what I should do to find the right man in my life.I enjoyed my time being single, but now im ready to date again. Please tell me how much longer it might be until I find the man that You want me to be with.

Your faithful servant for eternity,


You're praying to Me, GOD, about your ex boyfriends and boyfriends to be? This is how you pray to your Lord? It is a total lack of respect for this electronic forum of prayer that I've granted you! Did you gaze upon my image with the same eyes that have seen so many penises? And now you want Me to direct you to the next? I am the Eternal, All Knowing Super Powered God of all things!

Bow down to your Boyfriend which rules both Heaven and Earth! Hear Me now Lauren Drumheller, you stay away from that site you've been frequenting and that man who runs it! The lust and admiration that you have for him goes against My will.

If you choose to date him, you may find happiness, pleasure and satisfaction BUT these are the temptations from below! Satan empowers perfect human specimens of both mind and body to tempt and entrap. This funny haired fellow is one of these advanced beings called upon to lure those blessed with great beauty and bodies to kill for into perfect relationships with him. All that he can give you is happiness in this life on Earth.


Love, God


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