Dear God Almighty, Sir,

How does this "Jesus died for your sins" thing work? I don't quite follow that. The Romans were pissed, they strung Him up, poked Him & such and He ended up dying. End of story. I was sorry to learn of His death, but what does it have to do with me? He died for my sins? How so? And it wasn't His choice to die - they killed Him!!



I let the Romans kill Jesus. It was MY sacrifice!

If I'd chosen to, I could have swooped down as a giant rabid Harpy, plucked Christ from the cross and flown Him to safety.

I could have summoned up an army of a thousand tornados on the horizon, have them rip through the Roman Empire, lift My Son from His cell and carry Him up to Heaven!

"Plan B" was, during Christ's walk through town as He was being banished, spit on, cursed, poked and shoved, He was going to lift the cross He was dragging, up over His head and then I'd make it take off into the sky (like a mini rocket ship). Then we we're just going to make the Rocket-cross the symbol of the Christian faith (with Jesus riding it to Heaven). From here we would take the angle that Jesus sacrificed His "good name & remaining years on Earth" for the sins of mankind.

But I chose to let the Romans sacrifice His life... for YOU! Don't you see?!


Love, God


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