Dear Almighty God,

why am i even writing this...ok umm why was i sent here...probably because my parents fucked but they are so damn fugly. Yes You are correct i should respect my parents. Umm...oh yea i have a picture of me...just me....How come nobody agrees with me? Like last time i was arguing about females being so low and bowing down to everyone trying to look hot...hmm...And i saw this 13 year old pregnant now that was sick...God maybe it's Your goddamn fault You made us so dumb.

Well i guess I just wanted to rant. Thanks for your time. Amen...


I realize that I've got a whole reputation of "love" and "grace" that's expected of Me, but I don't have the patience for these pointless prayers! You people just go on and on. I swear, sometimes I think even if I didn't exist you'd all come up with an excuse and just talk to thin air!

Heh heh, boy would you guys look stupid crouched down at the foot of your beds jabbering away at nothin'. Sometimes I plug my ears and hum hymns to myself just to illustrate the point. It's probably a safe bet that that's what I'm doing when your prayers go unanswered. Damn you guys crack me up.

Hell, I'm glad I created ya'... you're good for a laugh.


Love, God


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